Restoring The Zora Armor Quest Guide

Restoring The Zora Armor Quest Guide

Having had the misfortune of losing all of your items and hearts obtained from Breath of the Wild, Link now finds himself without the valued Zora armor that allowed him to swim up the waterfalls. While this is not an essential skill to complete the Zora chapter of the game, it will most definitely slow you down and make for some rather painful traversal of the area if you chose not to get it. Particularly when it comes to finding the entrance to the pristine sanctum in the Zora domain.

In order to get the Zora armor repaired, you will first need to seek out an Ancient Arowana. To save you the Google, it’s a type of fish. This is a new fish type introduced in Tears of the Kingdom. Here is what you need to do.

Where To Find The Ancient Arowana

This is a relatively common fish but you have to know where to look. You may have already found one if you have spent time exploring the floating islands as this is the only place it lives. You can also get them if you have been busy scanning your amiibo’s.

To get an Ancient Arowana, you need to make your way up to an island in the sky and look for a body of water. You will end up finding an Ancient Arowana fish in one of the lakes or rivers up here. There is plenty of water in the starting area of the game where you first obtained the game’s new abilities. Catch and bring it back down to Zora’s domain to complete the quest and have the armor repaired.

How To Get The Zora Armor For Swimming

This quest can be found once you reach the Zora domain in Tears of the Kingdom. There will be a few introductory quests you have to do in the area but once you have them sorted, you will be able to explore the area. If you head to the infirmary, which is just below the king’s throne room, you will find several Zora in here trying to clean the water. Speak to the green girl, she will have a red circle with an exclamation mark inside it to signal she can provide you with a quest. Once you do, she will give you the quest “Restoring the Zora armor”.

The quest is quite simple to complete and you may be able to complete it right away by speaking to her again after obtaining the quest, assuming you have an ancient Arowana in your inventory already.

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