Where To Find Farosh


Farosh is one of the three large dragons that you can find flying over Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. He has a long serpent-style body and is imbued with the elemental power of electricity. Farosh is definitely one of the cooler dragon names used in the game and there is a region of the game named after him.

Farosh looks the same as the other dragons but has an electrical yellow glow across all of its scales and the spikes across its back will also glow a yellow colour. Getting too close will result in you getting attacked with lightning bolts and potentially struck by lightning from the electrical storm it generates.

Where To Find Farosh

  1. Time and Location: Farosh typically emerges from Lake Hylia in the south of the map, though it has been known to appear in the Gerudo Highlands and Faron region as well. It appears at certain times, typically around midnight to the early morning (12:00 AM – 5:00 AM).
  2. Campfire Trick: To make Farosh spawn, you can make a campfire by combining wood and flint, then wait until night. Farosh should appear shortly after midnight.

Harvesting Items from Farosh

You will need to come prepared to get the items you need from Farosh. It is important to note that like the fire dragon Dinraal and the Ice dragon Naydra, you can only collect one item at a time from this dragon. It is not possible to take everything you need at once. The latter part of the video above will show this in better detail but so long as the dragon is glowing yellow, you will be able to harvest an item from it. If not, you need to wait for it to light back up again.

where to find farosh

  1. Preparation: First, you’ll want to prepare. Make sure you have a good long-range bow and plenty of arrows. You’ll also want to cook some dishes or elixirs that provide a cold resistance buff if you’re going to the colder regions or an electricity resistance buff to counter Farosh’s lightning.
  2. Approaching Farosh: As Farosh is an electrical dragon, getting close can cause you to be struck by lightning. You will need to avoid the balls of electricity that surround it and avoid using any metal weapons or shields to avoid the lightning building up.
  3. Aiming for the Parts: To harvest different parts from Farosh (scales, claws, fangs, or horns), you need to hit different parts of its body. Hitting its body generally yields a scale, while hitting the claws, mouth, or horns yield their respective parts.
  4. Using the Updraft: Farosh generates an updraft as it flies. By using the Paraglider, you can ride this updraft to gain altitude, slow down time, and get a better shot.
  5. Collecting the Parts: After you’ve hit Farosh, it will drop a part that will shine brightly. It usually lands somewhere in the vicinity of where you shot Farosh. Run over to that location and collect your reward!

Farosh is not hostile unless provoked, so it’s possible to observe and follow it without engaging in combat. However, be mindful of the lightning it generates.

How To Get Farosh’s Scale, Claw, Fang and Horn

There are four different items that you can pick up from Farosh depending on what part of his body you shoot. Below you can find each of the four items that you can get and details of what body part you need to shoot in order to get the item.

standing on farosh to harvest a scale

  1. Farosh’s Scale: This is the most common drop from Farosh. To get a scale, you can hit any part of Farosh’s body, but the main body is usually the easiest target. Scales can be used in various cooking recipes and are required for certain Shrine quests.
  2. Farosh’s Claw: To get a claw, you need to aim for Farosh’s feet. Claws are a bit rarer than scales, and they can be used in elixir recipes or sold for a good price.
  3. Shard of Farosh’s Fang: For a fang, you need to shoot Farosh in the mouth. This can be a bit tricky as you need to time your shot when Farosh’s mouth is open. Shards of Farosh’s Fang can be used in cooking and elixirs to greatly increase the effect and duration.
  4. Shard of Farosh’s Horn: This is the rarest drop from Farosh. To get a horn shard, you need to aim for the glowing golden horn on Farosh’s head. This is a challenging shot, but the reward is worth it. The Shard of Farosh’s Horn is used in some of the game’s most potent recipes and can be sold for a high price.
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