Gloom-Borne Illness Quest Walkthrough

Gloom-Borne Illness

Upon visiting the armor shop in Kakariko Village in ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, you’ll notice that the armor prices are exorbitantly high – nearly 5,000 rupees per piece. The shopkeeper explains that her grandmother is sick, and if her health improves, they can lower the prices back to a more reasonable level. She mentions her sister, Lasli, who’s helping with their grandmother’s care, but provides no further information.

You will find Lasli sitting next to a cooking pot in the garden of one of the houses behind the armour shop. When you speak to her, you will pick up the Gloom-Borne Illness quest.

To help cure the grandmother, you’ll need to concoct a special recipe to provide ‘Gloom Resist’ effect. This can be made by combining a standard portion of rice and milk with a unique flower called a sundilion. These three ingredients create a remedy that can resist the ‘Gloom’, the affliction the grandmother suffers from. After making this potion, give it to Lasli, and she should be able to use it to improve her grandmother’s health, consequently reducing the armour prices at the shop.

The milk and rice needed are conveniently available within the Hateno Village store. They may be available in the Kakariko village store if you have completed some other quests that restock the store supplies. If you have not yet found a Sundalion, you will find them very often growing in the sky islands. They are not hard to find up there. They can sometimes be found on the fallen ruins.

Gloom-Borne Illness porridge

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients and crafted the ‘Gloom Resist’ porridge, which is called sunny veggie porridge, return it to Lasli. By helping her, you indirectly help the armor shop as well. The last step is to return to the armor shop, where you’ll find that the prices of the armor have been significantly reduced, thanks to your assistance in treating the shopkeeper’s grandmother. Enjoy your shopping at the more affordably priced armor shop!

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