Where To Find Naydra

Find naydra

Naydra is one of the three dragon spirits in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, alongside Dinraal and Farosh. These dragons are ancient and powerful creatures that roam the skies of Hyrule.

Naydra, specifically, is a dragon associated with the spirit of wisdom and is tied to the goddess Nayru, one of the three Golden Goddesses in Zelda lore. Naydra is found primarily in the Lanayru region, often seen flying around Lanayru Mountain and the surrounding areas.

You will pick up a quest relating to Naydra from the Goddess statue of wisdom just east of the Mount Lanayru skyview tower where she will ask you to obtain a claw.

Where To Find Naydra

Naydra will appear out of the large chasm in Naydra snowfield, just west of the Mount Lanayru Skyview tower at around 3 pm. You can then follow it as it heads south or even ride its back down the coast. It is a large blue dragon that is very easy to spot from a distance.

None Of The Special Items Are Dropping?

You are shooting arrows and whatever you can at Naydra but it is not dropping scales, fangs or claws. What is the reason for this? So in order to make it more challenging for players to obtain these high-level items, you can only ever obtain one at a time. So if you shoot the dragon on the body and it drops a scale, you will not be able to obtain a fang or a claw until the next day. If you have not yet obtained anything from the dragon, there is a chance a stray arrow may have hit it without you noticing which used up the chance to get anything for today.

where to find naydra
You can see from the spikes on the dragons back here that they are not lit up and it is no longer possible for me to get any more items for now.

You can tell that the dragon is active and ready for you to harvest an item from it when the claws on the tips of the feet or the pointed spines along the black are glowing a neon blue. If they are dull, then you will not be able to harvest anything from the dragon.

How To Get Naydra Scales

Scales are the easiest item to obtain from Naydra. You can use a bow, sword or anything you like. All you need to do is hit the dragon at any point on its body and it will drop a scale. If you manage to land on the dragon’s back, you can swing a sword and easily pick up the scale that drops as it will fall on its back rather than to the land below.

How To Get Naydra Fang

The fang is the most difficult item to obtain from Naydra due to you needing to get close to the dragon’s face. To get a fang, you will need to shoot an arrow at its face. If the arrow hits close enough the mouth of the dragon, it will drop a fang and you can run for your life before the swarm of ice balls make their way to kill you.

How To Get Naydra Claw

where is naydra
You can see the large claws hanging beneath the dragon

The claw is reasonably easy to obtain but not completely simple. You will need to shoot the dragon’s claw in order for it to drop a claw. This dragon has many legs in pairs all along the body. It is best to aim for the claws at the back since you will be a good distance away from the frost balls that are shooting at you. Shoot the claw with an arrow and it will drop a claw to the land below.

naydra claw

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