Guide To Cold Resistance

Guide To Cold Resistance

There are a few different cold locations in the land of Hyrule that Link is unable to survive in without the correct protection. From the Snowy mountains where the Rito live to high above the sky where you are so high above the ground, it gets very cold. Wherever you are, you are going to need to figure out how to get cold resistance in Tears of the Kingdom, in fact, you will need to figure it out from the very first quest in the game.

There are three primary methods that you can use to get cold resistance in Tears of the Kingdom. The video guide below will explain everything in detail but if you want the written version, check out the content below. I also have a similar guide for heat resistance here.

Using Clothing & Armor For Cold Resistance

There are loads of different sets of armor in Tears of the Kingdom, each of which will provide you with defence against enemy damage but may also provide you with some kind of additional perk, such as improved swimming, sneak, and for this particular topic, cold resistance.

It is possible to get a Zora divine beast helmet from one of the Zelda Amiibo figures that will give you cold resistance. You will also find a pair of paints atop the mountain in a chest under the large tree before you reach the Zonai gliders that will give you cold resistance too.

rito armor

The fastest way to get armour that will give you resistance against the cold areas is to make your way to the Rito village in the North West of the map. The store here will sell the complete set of Rito armour that will give you the benefits of insulation against the cold.

Crafting Elixirs and Cooking Recipes To Warm You Up

If you have played Breath of the Wild, you will be familiar with how vast the cooking system has become in Zelda games. There is a massive selection of different ingredients that you can use for crafting, all of which come in various different styles and colours. You can get see a detailed collection of elixir and cooking recipes for Tears of the Kingdom here.

When it comes to recipes that warm you up, the obvious choice of ingredient is going to be the spicy chilli, and this is going to be your source of heat resistance in the snowy mountain at the start of the game. Any of the following ingredients can also be used while cooking to get a heating effect that will help you survive the cold. Spicy Pepper, Sizzlefin Trout, Sunshroom, Warm Safflina, Summerwing Butterfly, and Warm Darner.

Fire Weapons Also Keep You Hot In The Cold Areas

This was probably a thing that you could do in Breath of the Wild but I have only discovered this now. It is possible to use fire weapons to give you cold resistance without needing to search for cooking ingredients or spending a large number of Rupees on any of the special armor sets in the game.

melting ice

If you combine a ruby with any weapon in the game using the fused power, it will result in a ruby want of some kind. This weapon will shoot fire at enemies but more importantly, when it is equipped, even if it is on your back, it will provide you with a heating effect. The heating effect you get from having this equipped is the same as having one piece of cold-resistant armour. So when you combine this with the pants that you would have found at the start of the game, you should be able to rely on this to make it through all of the cold areas of the game.

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