Where To Find Dinraal


Dinraal, one of the three elemental dragons in The Legend of Zelda series, returns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with the same role as in Breath of the Wild. This majestic creature is a large fire dragon that is more of a Chinese serpent dragon than a Western-style fantasy dragon.

While Dinraals appearance be daunting, it is not a direct threat unless provoked. Dinraal, fittingly, takes on the characteristics of fire. A potential link to the ability “Dins Fire” in Ocarina of Time. Its serpentine body is covered in bright red and orange scales, simulating the look of a creature forged from flame. It has several legs, each ending in sharp, black claws, and its body is adorned with golden spikes. The most distinctive feature is its head, which resembles a traditional Chinese dragon, complete with glowing yellow eyes and long, fiery whiskers. Its presence is awe-inspiring and, when in flight, Dinraal leaves a trail of flames in its wake, illuminating the sky.

Where To Find Dinraal

Locating Dinraal can be a bit of a challenge as it has a particular route with a timetable that is quite difficult to keep on top of. It can be found circling Death Mountian and while the video above shows him there at a certain time, this is not a guarantee. I have returned to the same location multiple times at the same time of day to find the dragon does not adhere to the same schedule.

where to find dinraal

If you have been activating all of the shrines that you find, you will likely be able to quickly fast travel to a few different locations along the route that he typically takes in the hope that you find where he is.

How To Get Dinraal Claws, Scales, Fangs and Horn

Once you find Dinraal, you can gather its scales, claws, fangs, and even its horn by hitting it with an arrow. It is important to note that you can only harvest a single item from Dinraal in a single encounter. For example, if you shoot its foot to get a claw, you will not then be able to go up and shoot its face to get a fang or a horn. Instead, aim for the specific parts of the dragon you wish to collect and go for the item that you have an immediate need for first.

dinraals fang
Shooting Dinraal in the face will make him drop a fang

Scales: Shoot Dinraal anywhere on its body. You can also get on its back and strike it with a sword but this will require the flamebreaker armor set to stop you from catching fire.

Claws: Aim your arrows at Dinraal’s feet. You do not need to directly shoot the claw itself for it to drop.

Fangs: You need to shoot at its mouth to obtain a fang. Since this dragon also has horns that are close to the face, make sure to be more precise with your aim here to hit the mouth or bottom of the chin.

Horn: To get a shard of Dinraal’s horn, aim your arrow at its head. Specifically the upper part of its head to avoid hitting its mouth.

The parts you shoot will glow and fall off Dinraal, then slowly descend to the ground, giving off a bright light. You can then collect the pieces on the ground where they land. These parts can be used in several recipes for elixirs or can be offered at certain springs for particular rewards. One of the risks with Dinraal compared to Farosh and Naydra is he spends a lot of time flying over deep chasms that Link is unable to get to the bottom of and you run the risk of losing the item you are shooting off if you do it at the wrong time. See the video above for my mistake!

Remember to be equipped with a good bow and plenty of arrows, and wear gear that protects you from fire damage, as you’re dealing with a fire dragon. Also, be prepared to use the paraglider to give yourself a better vantage point for shooting.

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