Teleporting Between Planets In Astroneer

Teleporting Between Planets In Astroneer

One of the most commonly asked questions by Astroneer players is, “Can we teleport between planets?” This guide explores the possibilities and techniques around this topic.

In Astroneer, players can indeed teleport between planets, thanks to the Gateway Fast Travel Network. This advanced system allows instantaneous interplanetary travel, bypassing the need for rockets. However, there are specific prerequisites to using this network.

Step 1: Activating Gateway Chambers

Gateway Chambers are alien structures found on all the planets’ surfaces in Astroneer. To use them for teleportation:

  1. Find a Gateway Chamber: They are relatively easy to spot as they emit a beam of light.
  2. Charge the Gateway Chamber: Connect your base to the structure via tethers or use portable power sources like batteries or generators. The requirement for power differs for every planet and increases with the planet’s size.
  3. Repeat this for all Gateway Chambers on a planet: There are six Chambers on Sylva and two on Desolo; the other planets all have one.

Step 2: Activating the Planet’s Core (Gateway Engine)

Following the activation of all Gateway Chambers on a planet, one must then activate the planet’s Core, also known as the Gateway Engine. The activation process involves offering a specific resource unique to each planet. Once done, it provides an Odd Stone with the planet’s name on it that can be used for teleportation.

Step 3: Setup for Interplanetary Teleportation

To teleport between planets, you’ll need to have both planets activated (i.e., all Gateway Chambers on the surface and the one Gateway Engine at the Core).

  1. Use any Gateway Chamber to teleport to the planet’s Core (Gateway Engine).
  2. Walk into the purple conduit that forms around the Machine in the Core to teleport to the Gateway dimension, where you see all the activated planets and moons represented as floating stones.

From here, you can select the desired planet or moon to teleport to, and you’ll arrive at its activated Core. From the Core, use the platforms to teleport back to any activated surface Gateway Chamber.

In essence, it is indeed possible to teleport between planets in Astroneer, with the correct setups and activations. While it might be a lengthy process, the convenience and swift transportation provided by the Gateway Fast Travel Network makes it an endeavor worth pursuing.

Teleporting Between Planets In Astroneer

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