Is there a way to flatten terrain?


I am trying to expand my base and the area around me is quite lumpy. I have tried to use a container to fill in the bad areas and dig out the hills but it is tough to get perfect. Is there an easier way to flatten the terrain in this game?

Is there a way to flatten terrain

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Ray Cunningham -

If you switch the modes on your drill, you will see there is the up arrow, down arrow and then another shape with lines on it. This is a tool that will level things out based on the level of the gun when you first press the button to activate it. So find a flat surface where your base is already built and activate the tool. Move the cursor around the area that you want to make the same level and it should quickly flatten and fill the area around your base to make the land flat.

Keep in mind that if you are pointing at a slanted area, even a tiny slant, you will end up generating hills instead of a flat area. You need to make sure what you are pointing at is perfectly level when you activate the tool in order to flatten the terrain.


  1. Ray’s answer is not incorrect, but it’s a little misleading. Yes, any tiny slant will generate a hill eventually. However, even if you manage to find a perfectly level surface, you’ll eventually have a platform that pulls away from the surface. This is due to the curvature of the planet. You can prove this to yourself, by building off the perfectly flat and perpendicular to the radius of the planet gateways. Even starting there, you’ll find your platform eventually pulls away from the ground. This effect is clear on any planet, but is easily shown on the two moons, which are much smaller than the planets.

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