Fertilizer Farming Guide

fertilizer farming guide fallout 76

Fertilizer is a crafting component in Fallout 76 that can be used in the creation of chems and explosives. Another very common use is for farming. In order to grow crops at your own CAMP, you will need to use it when planting vegetables and fruit in order to make them grow. 

Lots of people can get by with the fertilizer that you find naturally while exploring the game. Most greenhouses and garden areas will have a bag of fertilizer hanging around nearby. If you are in need of some larger quantities, check out the locations listed below. 

Best Places To Farm Fertilizer In Fallout 76

Fertilizer can be found quite easily in any greenhouse. There are a couple of easy places to find it while you are at a low level. The bags found in these locations will give you 4 fertilizer which makes it really easy to keep you covered in the early parts of the game. 

Extracting Phosphate Deposits

You may not make the connection based on the name, but if you find a phosphate deposit, you can use an extractor to create fertilizer from it. You can use the map here to show you an up to date interactive map that you can use to filter all of the locations https://fo76map.com/. You can move your camp to any of the locations below and build a harvester to generate a steady stream of fertilizer.

fertilizer location map
Fertilizer can be found in many locations in the form of deposits in the ground that you can harvest at your camp. The locations above are the known locations

Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

This is a location you will come across during the very early stages of the game. At the time, the level 1 Mr.Farmhands will seem tough but once you have a gun, this place is a gold mine for bags of fertilizer and raw materials. 

All of the greenhouses around the exterior of the building can be picked clean to give you lots of bags but also the green boxes that should be locked can be picked to give you even more. Once you have this sorted, you can go inside to grab even more. The video below will give you a really nice guide on a great farming run you could use to get lots of fertilizer really quickly and easy, even for low level characters. 

Junk Items You Can Scrap For Fertilizer

If you are out on your adventure and come across any of the items below, pick them up as they can be broken down and scrapped at any workbench in order to produce fertilizer. Unfortunately, the list is quite small. The locations above will help you if you find the need for large amounts of it. 

  • Bag of dogwood fertilizer
  • Bag of fertilizer
  • Bulk fertilizer
  • Radioactive pumpkin seeds
  • Raw fertilizer
  • Straw pillow
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