Should I Kill Olivia Or Not In Order of Mysteries?

Kill Olivia Or Not

“The Order of Mysteries” is a faction questline in Fallout 76 that revolves around a secretive group of female assassins known as the Order of Mysteries. The questline begins when the player finds the body of a woman wearing a tattered dress and a veil. Upon looting her body, the player acquires a holotape and a worn veil, which sets them on the path to discover the Order’s headquarters and uncover the story behind this mysterious faction.

As the player progresses through the quest line, they learn about the Order’s history, its founder Cryptos, and its members. The player is also tasked with completing various missions, such as acquiring the Blade of Bastet, the Voice of Set, and the Phantom Device. These missions are designed to test the player’s abilities and prove their worthiness to join the Order.

The pivotal decision point in the questline occurs during the quest “The Mistress of Mystery.” The player discovers that the Order has been betrayed from within by one of its members, Olivia Rivers, who has joined forces with the Raiders and seeks to dismantle the Order. The player must confront Olivia and decide how to deal with her betrayal.

Whether To Kill Olivia Or Let Her Live

The challenging choice comes when you must decide whether to follow the guidance of Cryptos, the Order’s AI mentor, and kill Olivia, or to spare her life and attempt to convince her to abandon her alliance with the Raiders. This decision is difficult because it forces the player to weigh the importance of loyalty to the Order against the possibility of redemption for Olivia.

  1. Killing Olivia: If the player chooses to kill Olivia, they will complete the quest as instructed by Cryptos and be rewarded with the unique “Eye of Ra” garment, which enhances the effects of the Blade of Bastet, the Voice of Set, and the Phantom Device. The player will also gain access to the Order’s supply room, which contains various valuable items, including weapons, armor, and crafting materials.
  2. Sparing Olivia: If the player chooses to spare Olivia, they will still receive the “Eye of Ra” garment, but Olivia will remain alive and express her gratitude for the player’s mercy. However, she will not rejoin the Order, and the player will not gain access to the supply room.

The decision made during “The Order of Mysteries” questline does not have a significant long-term impact on the player’s experiences in Fallout 76. The questline is self-contained and does not directly affect access to future quests or resources. However, the rewards obtained from the quest, particularly the unique “Eye of Ra” garment and the items found in the supply room (if the player kills Olivia), can enhance the player’s abilities and resources, making future quests and events more manageable.

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