Aluminium Farming Guide

aluminium farming fallout 76

Aluminium is a metal that is fairly common to find across the wasteland but depending on your circumstances, you may find you are using far more of it for crafting than you are finding. When you badly want to get that last weapon mod or machine built, you may be stuck as to where to go to find some more. 

Aluminium is found in a lot of mechanical items that look like they would be lightweight. It is also found by scrapping aluminium cans. These cans are very common so you should be able to find a lot of it by simply keeping an eye out for them in stores. They do look like tin cans but are labelled differently. 

Where To Farm Aluminium

If you are in a rush to find large amounts of aluminium in Fallout 76, you can check out some of the tips and locations listed below. You can also check out the video below at the 3-minute mark to find all of the best places to farm aluminium.

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

Very early in the game, the main quest will bring you up toward this resort. It is right next to the top of the world-building, which is where you will visit for a quest. The ski resort next to it has lots of ski poles. There are 3 or 4 of these found in stands next to buildings that were used to store the wooden skis and poles. There are a few of these around the area.

map location to find aluminium
Pleasant Valley Ski Resort will allow you to collect ski poles which can be scrapped to get aluminium

To make things better, there are two benches nearer to the top of the world-building that you can use to scrap these. Helps you keep the inventory level low. There is a nearby train station too which you can visit to empty your scrap.

Junk Items That Contain Aluminium

As I said at the start, Aluminium is not a rare resource in this game, but you may find you suddenly need a lot of it. Keep an eye out for any of the items in the list below as scrapping any of these will give you some aluminium. 

  • Alarm clock
  • Aluminium can
  • Aluminium canister
  • Aluminium oil can
  • Aluminium tray
  • Aluminium scrap
  • Blasting caps box
  • Bulk aluminium
  • Cake pan
  • Carlisle typewriter
  • Chez Vivi alarm clock
  • Chez Vivi typewriter
  • Clean cake pan
  • Clean coffee tin
  • Coffee tin
  • Coolant cap
  • Empty can
  • Eyebot model
  • HH-3A capacitor
  • Hubcap
  • Industrial oil canister
  • Large glass jar lid
  • Large glass jar ring
  • Large glass jar top
  • Medium Int rock
  • Mine suit breather
  • Mr. Gutsy model
  • Mr. Handy model
  • Oil Can
  • Protectron model
  • Ring stand
  • Robot parts model
  • Sentry bot model
  • Ski pole
  • Small glass jar lid
  • Small glass jar ring
  • Small glass jar top
  • Steel guitar
  • Surgical tray
  • Tin pitcher
  • Toy rocketship
  • TV dinner tray
  • Unrusted tin can
  • Vault-Tec alarm clock
  • Wakemaster alarm clock
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