Things Fallout Could Take From Outer Worlds

Lessons Fallout Could Learn From Outer Worlds

As fans of the Fallout franchise, we can’t help but appreciate the incredible work done by Obsidian Entertainment on Fallout: New Vegas. So, when the same team developed The Outer Worlds, it’s no wonder that we were all excited to see what they had in store. It turns out, there’s a lot that Fallout can learn from The Outer Worlds, as Obsidian took their experience and improved on several aspects. Let’s dive into some of the key points.

Companions Can Be More Than Pack Mules

In The Outer Worlds, companions are more than just glorified inventory spaces. They have their own personalities, backstories, and unique quests that make players genuinely care about them. Each companion has their own motivations and opinions, and their interactions with the player and the world around them feel authentic and engaging.

Fallout could take a cue from this by developing more in-depth relationships with companions, giving them unique abilities, and making their presence in the game world more impactful. This would greatly enhance the player’s immersion and emotional investment in the game.

Side Quests Deserve the Spotlight

The Outer Worlds did a fantastic job of creating side quests that were not only engaging but also had meaningful consequences in the game world. They often presented players with moral dilemmas and difficult choices, making the experience more thought-provoking and memorable.

Fallout could benefit from putting more effort into crafting side quests that are just as engaging and consequential as the main story. This would encourage players to explore the world more thoroughly and become more invested in the game’s lore and characters.

Time for a New Engine

While the Fallout series has provided us with countless hours of entertainment, it’s hard to ignore the technical limitations of its aging game engine. The Outer Worlds, on the other hand, uses the more modern Unreal Engine, which allows for better graphics, smoother performance, and fewer bugs.

It’s time for the Fallout series to consider upgrading to a new engine or significantly improving the current one. This would not only enhance the overall player experience but also give developers more tools and capabilities to create more immersive and complex game worlds.

Balancing Humor and Seriousness

The Outer Worlds is known for its witty humor and satirical take on various aspects of society. While Fallout has its moments of humor, it could benefit from incorporating more of this clever writing into its dialogue and world-building. Striking a balance between humor and seriousness can make the game world feel more alive and engaging, and it can also make the more dramatic moments stand out even more.

More Choices and Consequences

One of the most praised aspects of The Outer Worlds is the impact of player choices on the game world. The decisions you make can lead to different outcomes, making each playthrough feel unique and personal. Fallout can learn from this by providing more branching paths, choices, and consequences that shape the world around the player. This would not only increase replayability but also make players feel more connected to the game world and its characters.

In conclusion, there’s a lot that Fallout can learn from The Outer Worlds. By focusing on improving companion depth, crafting engaging side quests, updating the game engine, balancing humor and seriousness, and providing more choices and consequences, the Fallout franchise can continue to evolve and provide players with unforgettable gaming experiences.

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