Gear Farming Guide

farming gears fallout 76

Gears are a common crafting component in Fallout 76. While they are very common and can be found in a large number of very common items, you will find you can sometimes run out. Gears are often needed for many crafting recipes that you need very often.

Gears are often found with screws and springs which makes most of the best farming methods for gears work well for these resources too. 

Where To Find Gears In Fallout 76

Here are some of the best places to farm gears in Fallout 76. These methods are good to use when you are stuck and need a large quantity of these items in a short amount of time. If you are aware of the need from the very start of the game, you should make the effort to look out for these items from the very start of the game. This should mean you never have too much trouble finding these items. 

Capitol Building DMV

The capitol building is great for grinding lots of things. Some people like to use if to grinding XP. If you visit the DMV building here, you will get lots of typewriters, fans and cameras all within the building. The video below will show you the fastest path to take to get all of the gears in this building as quickly as possible. You will likely have some inventory issues here as the typewriters are quite heavy. Breaking these down as quickly as possible.

National Radio Astronomy Research Center

best location to find gears
National Radio Astronomy Research Center is a great location to farm gears as it has lots of typewriters and mechanical items to scrap

This location is another hotbed of typewriters, fans and other mechanical devices that will allow you to greatly increase the number of gears you have along with springs and screws. This is a bit of a higher location area and may not work well for lower-level players. Once you get to the building, head inside and start grabbing all of the mechanical items you can find. You will end up with lots of junk which will likely fill up your inventory very fast. 

Junk Items That Contain Gears

You can keep a lookout for any of the following items when you are out exploring if you have a need for some more gears. All of these items can be scrapped or broken down at a bench in order to return gears that you can use for crafting. 

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bone cutter
  • Bulk gears
  • Broken camera
  • Broken ProSnap camera
  • Carlisle typewriter
  • Chez Vivi typewriter
  • Desk fan
  • Fishing rod
  • Gear
  • Giddyup Buttercup
  • Giddyup Buttercup back leg
  • Giddyup Buttercup front leg
  • Gold pocket watch
  • Grey & Gould pocket watch
  • High-powered microscope
  • Loose gears
  • Microscope
  • Miner suit scrap
  • Office desk fan
  • Restored desk fan
  • Silver pocket watch
  • Typewriter
  • Water cooled bone saw
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