Best Ways To Farm Gold Bullion

gold bullion farming

Gold Bullion is a brand new currency added to Fallout 76 as part of the Wastelanders update. This is a late-game currency that can be used to purchase a lot of awesome plans and loot that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain. The catch with all of this is that gold bullion, as you might expect, is quite difficult to obtain. Although, if you have been dealing with scrip for a while, you shouldn’t find things too much different. 

Since scrip has a simple way to obtain it, once you have the legendary items, it isn’t so clear on how to obtain gold bullion. Do you find it sitting around or what? Well, it can be found in various places. This guide will give you lots of tips on the best places to find it.

Gold bullion is generally obtained by obtaining Treasury Notes. These can be exchanged in gold press machines for gold bullion. It is a simple exchange. Treasury notes are a common reward for completing high level, end game events. There are other ways to obtain gold, but this will be the most likely way to do it. The guide below will list all of the best locations to do it. 

Best Places To Find Gold Bullion In Fallout 76

This is not a super easy resource to obtain if you have to figure it all out on your own. With some help, however, you should be able to obtain quite a bit of gold bullion every day to help you obtain those highly valuable plans and items.

Smiley at the Wayward

Bet you didn’t expect one of the first locations you visited in the game would end up being the best place to get gold bullion in the game! If you head to the wayward, which is the bar you visit after leaving Vault 76, you will meet a man called Smiley in sitting in the room upstairs.

buy gold bullion from smiley
Smiley at the wayward bar will allow you to purchase 300 gold bullion per week in exchange for 6000 caps.

This guy will allow you to exchange caps for gold. 6000 caps will get you 300 gold. It is a lot of caps, but since caps are easy enough to grind, it can be worth it. You can only purchase 300 per week, so you can spend the rest of the week grinding caps to have enough to purchase it.

Where To Get Treasury Notes

Treasury notes can be deposited into gold press machines. One note will give you 10 gold. This is great as it is super easy and the notes aren’t too hard to obtain either. There is a limit though. You can only hand in 20 notes per day. If you want to use treasury notes to farm for gold bullion, you will be limited to a max of 200 gold per day. You can collect all the notes you like however, you just have to wait before you can cash them all in. 

If you are looking to get some treasury notes, here are some methods you can use.

Radiation Rumble Event

treasury notes from events
Treasury notes will drop from events that appear on the map

This event will appear now and then and is absolutely well worth doing when it shows up. It has a recommended level of 40 so you won’t be able to start grinding this in advance. Completing this event will net you 4 notes. Turning these in will mean you can get 40 gold for completing this event. Once you meed the level cap, you should be taking this event on whenever it shows up.

Scorched Earth Event

I think most people want to do this even if gold was not a reward for it. This is the event where you will be taking on the scorched beast queen. A fun boss fight that almost always has a group of players lining up to take part. When this appears, you should jump at it for many reasons. You might get away with doing this even when you are slightly under levelled because there should be so many high-level players there at the same time to make up for you being a little weak. 

This event does appear often enough so keep an eye out. You will get 4 treasury notes for completing this event too which can be turned in for gold bullion using the gold vending machines at the raider camps. 

Encryptid Event

This is another event that will get you 4 treasury notes for completing the event. 

Project Paradise Event

Another difficult event that will get you 4 treasury notes when you complete it. This one can be difficult but is the last of the 4 major events on the map that you need to look out for if you want to maximize the amount of notes you earn per day.

Farming Treasury Notes

There is a new event called “Riding Shotgun”. What makes this one different is that you can trigger it on demand. By talking to Vinney Costa, you can start the event by selecting the conversation option. There is a cooldown, preventing you from being able to do it over and over. What you can do is use the server hopping method. Complete the event, switch to a new server and assuming the new server you join has not had other players complete the event recently, you will be able to start the event again.

You will get 2 treasury notes each time you complete this event making it an awesome way to farm treasury notes where you have some better control over how often you can do it. I would suggest you check out the video above for a guide on how to perform this but also lots of other great locations you can use to get more notes and gold bullion.

Where to Exchange in Treasury Notes For Gold Bullion

Now that you have some treasury notes, you likely want to trade them in as quickly as possible to get some gold bullion. You will need to know the location of the gold press machines. There is normally one near enough to vendors that sell items for gold, so you shouldn’t need to look too far. If for any reason you can’t find one, check out this awesome video guide that shows you where to find the gold press machines in Fallout 76. 

Can You Get Gold Bullion From Junk & Scrapping?

Gold bullion is a rare currency that needs to be limited. As such, there is no easy way to obtain it from scrapping junk or from crafting. In order to obtain it, you will need to follow the guides above for the best locations to get it.

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