Adhesive Farming Guide

adhesive farming fallout 76

Adhesive is a material you will need for crafting a large number of materials in Fallout 76. Locating adhesive is not immediately obvious and is less difficult once you know that bottles of wonderglue are not the only sources of it in the game. With this being said, running out of adhesive is a common problem. Keeping the stash of adhesive high is a critical task for any creative crafter in the wasteland. 

How To Craft Adhesive

Adhesive is one of the more unique crafting items in that you don’t exclusively have to find it through searching the wasteland. It is possible to also craft it from vegetable starch, making it a resource you can quite literally farm. 

Corn is a very common crop for all players so I will use this as an example. Harvest some corn and go to a cooking station. Turn the corn into vegetable starch. Once you have created this, head back to a workbench and scrap the vegetable starch to create adhesive. Corn is easy to farm, easy to find and you will get some XP in the process from the cooking, making this a great way to easily obtain adhesive in Fallout 76. 

Best Places To Farm Adhesive In Fallout 76

When you are out in the wild, you can sometimes find adhesive on dead enemies. The odds of it dropping vary depending on the enemy. Radroaches tend not to carry too much around in their pockets. One creature that does have lots of adhesive in its figurative pockets are the Anglers. These are creatures that have a glowing ball that hangs in front of their head, a lot like those deep-sea fish.

Killing Anglers will almost always yield a couple of items worth of excess adhesive. The anglers are very easy to spot, especially at night time due to the glowing orb that sticks out above the water where they are sleeping. 

using anglers for adhesive
Anglers can be spotted by their glowing antenna that sticks out of their head. From a distance ,you will just see this sticking out of the ground. Once you get too close, they will attack.

Best Locations To Find Anglers

Now that you know what they look like, here are the best locations to actually search for Anglers when farming adhesive. Keep in mind that you can use the classic server hopping trick to make the anglers respawn over and over in order to gather large amounts of supplies incredibly quick. 

The video guide below is a fantastic resource to use for finding Anglers as it will show you the map locations and exactly where to go to find them. The places mentioned are 

  1. Thunder Mountain Substation – Can be found to the east of the top of the world. You can find one angler her.
  2. Swamp By Abbys Bunker – This is found in the northeast corner of the map. You will find three or so anglers hanging out in this swamp area you can kill to harvest excess adhesive.
  3. Treehouse Village – Quite a few can spawn in this area but it is not a guaranteed thing. It is not as reliable as the swamp area above.

Items That Contain Adhesive

You can keep an eye out of any of the items in this list when you are exploring. All of these items will yield some quantity of adhesive when you scrap them at any workbench.

  • Bulk adhesive
  • Digested goo
  • Duct tape
  • Economy wonderglue
  • Excess adhesive
  • Handmade glue
  • Military grade duct tape
  • Pack of duct tape
  • Sealed wonderglue
  • Vegetable starch
  • Wonderglue
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