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Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands

The idea of waking up on a deserted island and having to get by with whatever you can find is a concept that works well in games. It is one of the more enjoyable types of Minecraft seeds. Stranded sails,...
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Farming Simulator 17

If you are someone like me, whose only exposure to farming comes from growing crops in Minecraft, you might be thinking that you are not part of the target audience for a Farming Simulator game. Punching wheat to get seeds...

How do you make hay?

How do you create hay for the animals? I have cut the grass but this doesnt turn into hay on its own
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Farming Simulator 17 Review

Once you get over initial learning curve the addiction to the game will begin to set in. Growing and harvesting crops is surprisingly fun. Learning about all the different machines and how to use them is fun all on its...