Easiest Methods To Earn Gold In Elder Scrolls Online

eso gold farming

Welcome to the exciting world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), where the pursuit of gold is a thrilling and essential aspect of your adventure in the vast land of Tamriel. There are other currencies in Elder Scrolls Online but Gold is one that you will be spending a lot, particularly early in the game. As you embark on your journey, you’ll quickly discover that gold is not just a means to acquire better gear and consumables, but also a way to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Earning gold in ESO can be achieved through various methods, including questing, trading, crafting, and participating in group activities such as dungeons and trials. As you progress through the game, you’ll develop your own preferred methods for accumulating wealth, tailored to your playstyle and in-game goals. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most effective and enjoyable ways to earn gold, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to tackle the challenges and opportunities that await you in Tamriel.

In the following sections, we will delve into the diverse avenues for earning gold in Elder Scrolls Online, discussing essential tips and tricks that will help you maximize your income. From mastering the art of trading with other players to optimizing your crafting skills and making the most of lucrative group activities such as public dungeons, our guide will serve as a valuable resource for players of all levels. So, prepare to embark on a journey of wealth and prosperity as we explore the secrets to earning gold in the captivating world of ESO.

1. Daily Crafting Writs

Daily crafting writs are repeatable quests that reward you with gold, crafting materials, and experience. They are available for all six crafting professions: Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Provisioning. Completing daily crafting writs on multiple characters can quickly add up to a significant amount of gold and valuable materials, which can be sold to other players.

2. Farming and Selling Materials

Farming crafting materials, especially high-demand resources such as raw materials for refining, alchemy reagents, and provisioning ingredients, can be a lucrative way to earn gold. You can sell these materials to other players through the in-game guild store or via direct trading.

3. Participating in Public Dungeons and World Bosses

Public dungeons and world bosses are PvE encounters that can be completed with other players. They often drop valuable items, such as gear sets and crafting materials, which can be sold for gold. Additionally, the bosses inside public dungeons have a chance to drop a “trophy” item specific to that dungeon, which can be turned in for daily quests that reward gold and valuable items.

There are quite a few public dungeons and bosses to take on here. You will get gold and useful resources no matter where you go but this guide will cover some of the best dungeons for farming gold.

4. Thieving and Fencing Stolen Items

Stealing valuable items from NPCs and containers and selling them to a fence at an Outlaws Refuge can be a profitable way to earn gold. High-quality stolen items, such as motifs, recipes, and furnishings, can fetch a high price. Be cautious, as getting caught by guards can result in a bounty, which can be costly to pay off.

If you are unfamiliar with this mechanic, please check out our detailed guide to thieving and fencing in ESO.

5. Flipping Items on the Guild Store

Buying low and selling high on the guild store can be a profitable way to earn gold in ESO. This method requires a good understanding of the in-game economy and item values. Look for underpriced items, purchase them, and then relist them at a higher price for a profit.

6. Participating in Events and Selling Event Items

ESO hosts various in-game events throughout the year, which often include unique items and collectibles. Some of these items, such as motifs, recipes, and furnishings, can be sold for a high price to other players. Participate in events, collect these items, and sell them on the guild store for gold.

7. Farming Overland Sets

Overland sets are unique gear sets obtained by completing various activities in specific zones, such as world bosses, delves, and public dungeons. Some of these sets are in high demand and can be sold for a significant amount of gold. Farm these sets and sell them to other players through the guild store.

If you need some help with the farming of overland armour sets, you should check out our overland set farming guide.

8. Master Writs and Writ Vouchers

Master Writs are high-level crafting quests that reward you with Writ Vouchers, which can be used to purchase valuable items such as crafting stations, recipes, and storage chests. You can either sell the Master Writs themselves or complete them and sell the items you obtain with the Writ Vouchers.

We have a full guide dedicated to master writs and writ vouchers in ESO here.

Earning gold in ESO can be achieved through various methods, such as daily crafting writs, farming materials, participating in public dungeons and world bosses, thieving, flipping items on the guild store, participating in events, farming overland sets, and completing Master Writs. By exploring these methods and finding the ones that suit your playstyle and preferences, you can maximize your gold-earning potential and enjoy the many benefits of having ample in-game currency.

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