Ballistic Fiber Farming Guide

ballistic fiber farming fallout 76

Ballistic Fibre is one of those resources that isn’t an obvious find. Most of us can’t go listing items that contain it unless you have played past fallout games. Even if you do know what items to look for, you will know they are often quite hard to find. This guide will help you find some good places to farm ballistic fibre if you need it for crafting. 

The best place to go for this resource is military bases. Anything to do with the army, there is a chance that you will find some nearby. 

Where To Find Ballistic Fiber In Fallout 76

Here are some of the best locations to find ballistic fibre. Keep in mind that you can find it in almost every military base in the game. These locations are just the best places to find it. There is no useful locations map like there are for some other resources in the game unfortunately.

Camp McClintock

While this is not THE best place to find it, it is a good place, simply because there are no hostile enemies. There are some quests you can do here to net some easy XP. The camp itself it full of lots of great resources. It also has a few ammo bags which you can scrap.

Fort Defiance

fort defiance has ballistic fiber junk
Military ammo bags are a great source of ballistic fiber. Following the farming trail here will get you a decent amount each run.

Fort defiance is the best location in Fallout 76 to farm military ammo bags. There are a total of 10 bags to pick up which will give you a total of 20 fibres once you scrap them all. Since most crafting does not require large quantities, you can farm this location two or three times and likely have enough of this material to do you for quite some time. 

The video below will show you where to find all of the ammo bags in this location. It will also show you the multiple fire bases nearby that are useful for checking out if server hopping is not for you. 

Junk Items That Contain Ballistic Fiber

Ballistic Fiber is only found in a small number of items in this game. It means that most people will not come across it often with the exception of the Military grade duct tape which does show up now and then. All of the items below can be used to obtain this resource.

  • Ballistic fibre scrap
  • Bulk ballistic fibre
  • Military ammo bag
  • Military-grade duct tape
  • Mysterious fur
  • Torn mothman wing
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