Screw Farming Guide

screw farming guide fallout 76

Screws make up the trifecta of crafting in Fallout 76. Screws, springs and gears are items that are very frequently found together in mechanical items but also required in most crafting blueprints to be used together. 

This guide will show you some of the best ways to farm screws in this game while also being able to take advantage of the fact that many of the items will give you more than just screws. 

Where To Find Screws In Fallout 76

Farming screws in Fallout 76 is fairly easy. A lot of the best locations to do this will be in lower level areas, making this accessible to players of all levels. The downside to it is a lot of the mechanical items are quite large and bulky before you scrap them. You will more than likely find that your inventory fills up pretty quick when you are going on the farming runs for screws. 

Capitol Building DMV Screw Farm

This location is a treasure trove of springs, gears and screws. Although this video guide mentions gears, it is a fantastic place to go to find all 3. Follow the farming path in the video here and it will show you where all of the typewriters, fans and other mechanical items are that you can use to get lots of springs easy. 

Killing Wendigos

This method will cost you in caps as it requires you to fast travel to find the wendigos. If you are loaded with caps, the small cost to fast travel will be worth it as killing wendigos will give you XP, screws and lots of other good items worth collecting. This video guide will show you the best locations to visit to find the wendigos.

Junk Items That Contain Screws

Below you will find a full list of junk items that you can collect and scrap at any workbench in order to obtain some screws. A lot of these items are machines that will yield more than just screws making screw farming pretty rewarding. 

  • Accordion
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Antique globe
  • Banjo
  • Bulk screws
  • Carlisle typewriter
  • Chez Vivi typewriter
  • Clipboard
  • Clean globe
  • Clean pepper mill
  • Desk fan
  • Drumstick
  • Flute
  • Giddyup Buttercup
  • Giddyup Buttercup body
  • Globe
  • Handcuffs
  • Harmonica
  • Hot plate
  • Hubcap
  • Loose screws
  • Mini nuke stabilizer fins
  • Mouth harp
  • New toy car
  • New toy truck
  • Office desk fan
  • Pepper mill
  • Portable fuel tank
  • Restored desk fan
  • Scrap assaultron head
  • Silver locket
  • Snare drum
  • Souvenir toy car
  • Steel guitar
  • Tongs
  • Toy car
  • Toy truck
  • Triangle
  • Trumpet
  • Typewriter
  • Violin
  • Violin bow
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