Should You Kill Danse Or Spare Him In Blind Betrayal?

Kill Danse

In Fallout 4, “Blind Betrayal” is a quest that is part of the Brotherhood of Steel questline. The quest begins when Elder Maxson informs the player that a high-ranking member of the Brotherhood, Paladin Danse, is suspected of being a synth. The player is tasked with tracking down Danse and, if the accusations are true, executing him for his betrayal.

The pivotal decision point in the quest occurs when the player confronts Danse at Listening Post Bravo. Danse admits to being a synth but claims that he was unaware of it and has always been loyal to the Brotherhood. The player is then faced with a challenging choice: whether to spare Danse’s life or follow Elder Maxson’s orders and execute him.

  1. Spare Danse’s life: The player can choose to spare Danse’s life, arguing that his loyalty and service to the Brotherhood should outweigh his synth status. This decision requires passing a difficult Charisma check when speaking to Elder Maxson. If successful, Maxson will reluctantly agree to spare Danse, but Danse will be banished from the Brotherhood. This choice allows the player to keep Danse as a companion, and he will continue to provide support and assistance in future quests. However, sparing Danse may strain the player’s relationship with the Brotherhood, potentially affecting future interactions with the faction.
  2. Execute Danse: The player can choose to follow Elder Maxson’s orders and execute Danse. This decision is in line with the Brotherhood’s strict stance against synths but involves killing a loyal and valuable companion. Executing Danse will please Elder Maxson and strengthen the player’s standing within the Brotherhood. However, the player will lose Danse as a companion and any potential support he could provide in future quests.

Both choices in “Blind Betrayal” have their own consequences and rewards. The primary impact on the player’s experiences later in the game is the potential loss of Danse as a companion and the possible strain on the player’s relationship with the Brotherhood, depending on the chosen outcome. The quest serves as an opportunity for players to explore their moral compass and make a decision that aligns with their preferred playstyle.

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