[Patched] Weapon & Armor Duplication Glitch July 2020

UPDATE: This exploit has been patched and no longer works. You should check out the infinite ammo factory glitch instead.

Bethesda is quick to keep on top of duplication glitches in Fallout 76. The latest glitch is a super easy one that will allow you to duplicate a weapon or any item that you would sell to a vendor. It essentially lets you sell something to a vendor but keep it. Someone else in the server can then go and purchase the item you just sold, duplicating the item.

This is a bit of an unconventional duplication glitch as far as they go in this game. You wouldn’t use it for ammo and you wouldn’t get much use out of it for yourself. This is a great way to share rare and powerful items with friends or other people. Things can go wrong with this. If a friend drops off the server you will not be able to get back to grab the duplicated item. Even though it is tricky, it is one of the useful methods we have right now. 

How To Perform The Duplication Glitch

You should be able to perform this on any server. While it should work on a private server, people have reported it works best on a laggy server where there are players from all over the world and maybe there some nukes active. It does not always work but lag is the key to make this work.

Visit a vendor to sell an item

Visit any vendor and go to the item that you want to duplicate. Leave the confirmation page open but do not actually sell the item. Instead, you will need to hold down the button to bring up the social menu. This is the start button or the button that brings up the map, assuming you haven’t remapped anything. 

Move to Another Server

Pressing the start button to bring up the social menu will allow you to see friends that are playing. Click on one and select the join server option. This will cause you to quit the current server and move. The sale gets confirmed in the process but you also get to keep this item. 

Get a Friend To Buy The Item Back

You are now on a different server and still, have your item. It will be hard to get back but if you have a friend on this server, you should be able to jump back to the server that they are on. Go back to the vendor you sold the item to and you will see the item you sold appearing in the vendor’s inventory. You can now buy it back, duplicating the item in the process. 

Duplication Video Guide

Credit to DemonAsylum for at least making me aware of this glitch. You can see the full video below where he will show you how to perform this glitch. 

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