Fully Automated Wood Farm

automated wood farm

Farming wood is a little difficult in Craftopia because it is not a renewable or infinite resource like many other resources that you can automate in Craftopia. When a tree is destroyed, it will not grow back and there are no bedrock mine equivalents for harvesting wood. Thankfully, there are some hacky solutions.

This method may not last forever. It is hard to know if this is going to be considered a bug or not but as of right now, this is the only method that you can rely on for an infinite source of wood logs in the game. If you want to go with a more, standard approach that is likely to last long term, you can check out this wood harvesting guide that will also get you lots of wood, just not infinite.

Building An Automated Tree Farm

This method is not all that complicated. It takes advantage of the green mono breeding farm technique that is used by so many automated farms in this game. Setting this up is going to be the first step as rather strangely, an exploding green mono will actually heal trees!

1 – Setup Green Mono Breeding Farm

I won’t go into huge detail here. If you do not know how to make one of these, check out the green mono breeding farm guide. This guide will explain the full process behind building this. To give you a short version, create a breeding farm and place it on top of a large cooking pot. You could use two breeding farms if you want to be extra safe, but one should be fine.

mono breeding farm
This simple setup will cause 4 green mono to be used for breeding where the death of the newly born mono to cause a healing wave to prevent the mono from ever dying inside the breeder

Place green monos in the breeding farm and when they produce another mono, it will fall into the cooking pot and when it dies it will explode, healing everything in the area, including the two mono that are being bred.

2 – Build a Platform With Trees Above Breeding Farm

You need to ensure the trees you grow are built as close as possible to the breeding farm so that they get to take advantage of the healing from the green mono. To do this, build a platform above the breeding farm. You will need to find a single square block and place four walls at an upward slope around the edge of the square, just one slot up. See the image below for better clarification.

automated wood farm
This is the basic structure you need to follow. Place the saplings in each corner to ensure the saw always has trees to cut

3 – Use Fertiliser on Trees

This is the hardest part of this farm as it will require you to craft some fertiliser to turn the saplings into trees. This means that you will need some poop which is quite difficult to obtain without building a farm to do this. You can check out this guide on building a feces farm in Craftopia if you are stuck for enough to be able to grow the trees.

4 – Setup Absorbers To Grab Wood Logs

You may need two chests and absorbers to do this as the logs can sometimes spread out a bit and can also get blocked by the trees themselves. One may do the job if you get the position perfect, if it does, then you are good to go. If not, build a second absorber and chest to get two chests worth of wood.

tree farm
A simple chest and absorber will grab all of the logs that fall from the trees when they are harvested

5 – Place A Rotating Saw inside the Enclosure

Rotating saws are used to cut down the trees to generate logs. Since they will do a set amount of damage that is less than the health of a tree, you should be able to keep this going forever. The healing from the green monos below will heal any damage the rotating saw does to the tree. This will mean the saw will keep chopping logs from the tree without ever cutting it down. The chest with absorbers will gather the logs for you then and you now have a completed wood farm that is fully automated.

automated log farm
Once you have placed the rotating saw inside the enclosure, you will see it do damage to the trees and produce wood while the green monos start healing the trees so they are never destroyed

Attach a furnace to this and you can turn this into a simple charcoal farm. Might need a few since charcoal takes an awfully long time to craft.

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