Automated Water Farm Using Camels

camel water farm

Water is in plentiful supply in Craftopia but it is not until you actually need some that you find yourself wondering how to actually obtain water in large quantities. Having to walk over to water and fill up bucket after bucket only to go strolling back to your cooking pot to make some water.

The water system in general seems like a bit of a joke. With there being a quest objective that requires you to obtain 5000 gold from selling water. When water is rather slow to obtain and it only selling for 10 gold a glass, you will need to spend some time to gather the 500 glasses of water needed. Well, maybe not as hard as you think.

This guide will show you how to make an automated water farm using camels. This will require a little more work than the more basic approach of using wells for farm infinite water.

Infinite Clean Water Using Camels

Yea, you read that one correctly. Camels can actually be used in a farm setting to produce purified water. I would rather not try to think about how the super awesome toaster like structure extracts the water from the poor camel, but it doesn’t look like they are in too much pain.

This strategy will take advantage of the green mono breeding farm technique that will allow you to heal all animals in the area. Since all animals will die when they are inside the Livestock farm, including these camels we are about to dehydrate, the green mono trick will ensure that they are constantly being healed by the green monos that are breeding and dying above them.

1 – Create The Mono Breeding Farm

I won’t go into great detail here. If you are unsure how this trick works, check out the green mono breeding farm guide here. It will show you how to set up the farm so that you can use it as a foundation for a large number of automated resource farms in Craftopia.

To give you an understanding of why this is done and what it has to do with gathering water from camels. Camels will die after they spend a set amount of time in the livestock farm. We want to avoid this from happening so that it can be a fully automated system.

mono breeding farm
This simple setup will cause 4 green mono to be used for breeding where the death of the newly born mono to cause a healing wave to prevent the mono from ever dying inside the breeder

When a green mono dies, it will explode and heal everything in the area, this includes the camels and the green monos that are in the breeding device above. As a result, you should end up with a breeding farm that will run forever and camels that can be harvested forever without ever dying.

2 – Setup a Grid of Livestock Farms Below the Mono Breeding Pot

For this example. I set up a grid of 2 x 4 livestock farms, making for 8 in total. It is possible to squeeze a few more in but it makes it harder to work with conveyors. There are some glitches that let you attach droppers underneath structures but this will likely get patched so I want to keep this as a guide that does it by the books and should work forever.

placing livestock below green mono
The livestock farm below the mono farm will result in the animals generating a resource and will never die

You will know this is done correctly by watching the destruction wave that the monos make then they explode. Your camel farm should fall within this healing radius.

3 – Setup Conveyors & Droppers To Deliver Water

Attach a dropper to each of the livestock farm and face them outwards so that they will shoot the water glasses out so that they land onto the conveyor belts. It is good to put a wall on the edge of this so that the items do not shoot off the ledge and end up getting lost.

The conveyors should both run down the sides and meed up at the end where you can join both paths into a single conveyor stream that can be brought straight into a chest.

water conveyor
Using a simple system of conveyors, you will be able to draw the water when it is created down below where you can store it in a chest

4 – Add Camels To Livestock Farm To Begin Water Farming

Using your fancy pokeballs knock offs aka Monster Prisms, add a camel to each of the livestock farms and you should see them start to generate water immediately. If you do not know where to find camels, see the section below. You should also see that the monos are healing the camels every time they fall into the cooking pot above.

Once the water glasses are ready, they should shoot out onto the conveyor belt and make their way to the chest underneath. Your fully automated, infinite water farm is now complete!

Where To Find Camels

Camels are only found on desert islands. If you have not explored much, you will need to spend some time doing this in order to find an island that is a desert. Once you travel to a desert island, you should be able to find a camel roaming around fairly soon.

When you attack them, they will get angry and begin to attack you. Be ready to dodge their attacks when you see steam come from their nose.

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