Fully Automated Iron Farm

automated iron farm

Gathering resources in Craftopia is a critical part of progressing through the ages. When it comes to ore, you might think this is difficult to automate since the rocks that contain iron are destroyed when you hit them a few times with an axe. There is a way around this when you discover a bedrock ore vein. This guide will show you how to take advantage of these to build an automated farm.

This guide will show you how to create a fully automated Iron farm for an (almost) infinite supply of iron. Bedrock can eventually run out but they can be renewed so it’s nothing to really worry about.

Automate Gathering of Iron

To start with this, you will need to locate a piece of bedrock that contains iron. They are pretty easy to spot since they look the same as regular iron veins, just flat and circular on the ground. They will appear in most islands after the first island of the game, so you wont need to travel far and wide to locate one.

1 – Setup An Excavator On Iron Bedrock

Once you have found the location you want to build your automated iron farm, build an excavator. This is a mechanical drill that will dig into the bedrock. When placing the excavator, keep note of the front of it as this is the direction that it will spit out the resources once it starts drilling. This will help you design a layout that is nice and tidy for automating the rest of the farm.

placing an excavator
There is a unique arrow that is visible at the front of the circle that goes around the excavator when placing it. This is the direction the resources will be output. Make sure you place this in the correct location

2 – Setup a Chest With An Absorber

The next step is the copy & paste, the boilerplate process behind pretty much every aspect of automation with this game. Create a chest and attach an absorber to it. You will need to make sure the suction radius of the absorber falls within the area in which the excavator spits out the resources it digs up.

capturing resource from excavator
In this example you can see a very basic setup where an excavator is shooting the resource it gathers into a boxed off area that contains a chest with an absorber that is set to consume the resource and place it into the chest automatically

You can place some walls or other structures that will guide the resources in a certain direction so that they always land in a spot that is within the range of the absorber.

3 – Setup A Craft Connector To A Furnace

Setup a furnace for smelting and using the super handy craft connector, you can link a chest to supply the iron ore to the furnace so that it can be smelted into Iron bars.

You will then need to setup a dropper on the furnace to shoot out the smelted iron bars so that they can be collected using another chest/absorber combination.

[PIC of the final capture]

The final chest in this chain will now have a steady supply of iron bars for you to use for various construction or for further smelting to create an automated steel farm.

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