I have Lost where the portal to the other islands is, HELP!


I have been roaming around this island for a while now and I want to return back to my main base to store the items that I have found. I can’t seem to find where the portal is to return home. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was when I spawned on the island and now I don’t know how to get back home. Are there any tricks to finding where the stone slab is for transporting your character to the other islands in the game?

I have Lost where the portal to the other islands is HELP!

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LeonDB40 -

Assuming you have explored the map, you should be able to spot it fairly easily using the game’s map. Press right on the D-pad on Xbox to view the world map. You will see the icon on the map where the portal is. 

Even if you can’t find it, it isfairly cheap and easy to build using a workbench. This portal won’t become a new spawn point but it will allow you to travel between the islands again.

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