Fully Automated Stone Farm

automated stone farm

Automating the collection of stone is something that you should aim to do very quickly. Since you are going to need to build lots of structures to help with the automation of farming and many other areas automated resource gathering in Craftopia. Since you can automate the gathering of stone, it should be the first resource that you collect a lot of so that you can easily supply all of the construction efforts you need later in the game.

This guide will show you how to create a fully automated stone farm that will generate an almost unlimited supply of stone to use in all areas of construction.

Automate The Mining of Stone

The steps below are fairly simple to follow but you will have had to progress far enough in the game to have the resources to be able to construct an excavator. You will also need to find a piece of bedrock that contains stone, which is fairly common.

1 – Build Excavator On Stone Bedrock

Once you have found a piece of bedrock for mining stone, you will need to place an excavator on top of it. When placing an excavator, keep note of the direction it is facing. Stone will shoot out from the front of the excavator, it doesn’t need a dropper. So make sure you rotate it so the front is pointing in the direction that makes it easy for you to gather the stone once it is shot out of the excavator.

placing an excavator
Take note of the arrow pointing forward on this excavator. If you rotate it, you will see that front facing arrow move to the side. This arrow represents the direction in which the resources will be shot out of the excavator when it is harvesting

2 – Setup a Chest With An Absorber

The final step is fairly simple. You will need to build a chest and an absorber. A steel chest is useful in this scenario as you want to allow this farm to gather a lot of stone for use when you need it most.

Keep an eye where most of the stone is landing after being shot out of the excavator. Place your chest a little further away from this and then attach the absorber so that the gust of suction it generates will allow you to capture all of the stone that is produces.

capturing resource from excavator
Here is a super simple example of a chest with an absorber attached to it where you will pull in the resources from the extractor nice and easily.

Leave this running for a while and when you come back, you should have lots of stone built up in the chest. You infinite stone farm is now completed.


  1. They probably changed it since you made this, but those bedrocks only give SAND and no Stone. I’ve tried putting the excavator on all kinds of flat stones/bedrocks and so far none give regular Stone.

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