Fully Automated Wood Gathering

automated wood

One of the most enjoyable parts of Craftopia is automating the collection of resources. Wood is one of the most basic resources and is likely the first resource that most people will obtain when they start playing this game. Since so many elements of this game can be automated, what about wood?

Farming wood is a little different. Since wood comes from trees, and trees are destroyed when you chop them, infinite wood farms are more difficult. There are no wooden equivalents of bedrock in the game to take advantage of. This doesn’t mean that you cant automate wood farming, however. This guide will show you how to build an automated wood farm. Unfortunately, it is not infinite though.

1- Find a Dense Forest

To build up a wood farm, you will need to find somewhere that has a lot of trees. There are plenty of desert areas on islands that are barren so you want to avoid these and go for somewhere that has more dense, lush forests. This will give you a lot more timber to harvest in a smaller area. The further the drones have to fly to get the wood, the slower your wood farm will produce logs.

forest area
Locations like this make for great tree farms due to the large amount of trees that are found in a single location

2 – Use Collection Drones To Gather Wood

You should have gotten a few of these early on in the game as a reward for some objectives. If not, you can build them yourself. These are going to be required for you to bring the wood that is chopped down from the trees and brings it back to a single location where it can be placed into a chest.

wood drone
Wood drones will fly out and pick up any wooden logs that have been chopped down from trees and return them to the main hub

You will need to be clever about where you place the chest. If you place it in the outskirts of the forest, it will take the drone longer to get to the far ends of the forest to collect logs. The best place to put one is in the center of the forest.

3 – Set Up Chest and Absorber To Capture Wood

If you have done any automation in this game before, this step will be simple. It is the cut and paste process for using connectors in Craftopia. Setup a chest near the wood collection drone. Add an absorber to the chest so that the suction is within the range of the wood drone.

When the drone starts collecting wood, the absorber will suck this and place it into the chest for use later on.

4 – Setup Rotating Saws To Cut Wood

Rotating saws are available very early in the game. You will need to use these to chop down the trees for you. Place these spinning saws in the location you have chosen for your farm is all you really need to do here.

rotating saw
Rotating saws will travel around the island chopping down all the trees, bushes and crops they come into contact with.

Start at the location where you have placed the drones to gather the logs. You can use one or more spinning saws to start travelling around the forest, chopping all of the trees that they find. Since you have already built your drones and a chest to capture the wood, you should start getting wood immediately.

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