Automate Mining From Bedrock

Mining ore and other resources that are found within rocks is a fairly trivial task at first. For those who have played Minecraft, it will be quite simple. Grab a pickaxe and use it to destroy ore that is found in rocks on the surface of an island. But what about automation? How are you meant to automate mining something like iron?

The answer to all of your problems is bedrock. This is nothing like the way bedrock works in Minecraft, so don’t expect any deep digging. Bedrock is found on the surface of an island and looks like a flat circle of ore that is sitting on the ground. They are quite common, there are several bedrock areas of sand on the first island of the game.

What Does Bedrock Look Like?

Here are some pictures that will show you what bedrock looks like. The color will change depending on what the resource is. Sand will be a dark brown, stone is lighter and most ore will look the exact same as the regular rocks that contain the ore, just flat circles.

what does bedrock look like
Bedrock is fairly easy to find. It looks like a slab or stone that is sort of round in shape. This image shows a piece of sand bedrock that can be used to give an unlimited supply of sand

The shape should always be the same for every type of bedrock. The color is the only thing that will change, the shape and positioning will be the same across all types of bedrock in Craftopia.

Automate Collection of Resources From Bedrock

In order to automate mining from bedrock, you simply need to build an excavator on top of the bedrock. This will give you a steady supply of the resource. All you need to do at this point is to capture the resources that are sped out of the excavator.

Where To Place An Excavator

In order to extract ore from a lump of bedrock, you will need to build an excavator. This is a mechanical device with a large drill. Once placed on top of a piece of bedrock, it will continuously drill the bedrock to produce a steady supply of the materials that make up the bedrock.

excavator on bedrock
Once the excavator is on a piece of bedrock, you will end up with an infinite supply of that resource which you can easily collect using an absorber attached to a chest

You can then combine this with the standard setup of connectors, blowers and droppers to fully automate the collection of resources from bedrock.

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