Fully Automated Feces Farm

automated feces farm

Faeces is something you will come across now and then in Craftopia and if you are like me, will have looked at it strangely. Did that poop just come from you? If it did, what is the purpose of it? Does poop even do anything in this game? Well yes, it is actually highly useful and if you are reading this guide, chances are you need it to build a rocket.

It is possible to build a fully automated farm that will give you an unlimited supply of faeces without having to do any work at all. This tutorial will show you how to build this farm very easily.

How To Get Infinite Feces

So, this is a pretty odd title, so let’s get down to it before it sounds any weirder. To do this, you will need to take advantage of the fact that animals poop. All you need to do is find a way to harvest it and collect it in a chest. This process is rather simple and this farm, in general, is most likely one of the most simple and basic automated farms in the collection.

1 – Build a 2 x 2 Walled Enclosure

This farm takes up very little space. To get started, all you need to do is build a 2×2 enclosure using stone or any other material. The only thing that makes this unique is the floor. For this, you need four flat conveyor belts that create an endless rotation of madness.

automated poo farm setup
Build a basic square. You can bring it up some levels if the chickens start to escape. The conveyors inside should run in a circle so nothing can ever escape

2 – Poop Chest For The Feces

This part will require a bit of a glitch. Get rid of one of the walls for a moment and place a chest very close, but still outside of the enclosure. Attach an absorber to this chest and then build a wall back where it was. You will see now that the absorber is inside the enclosure, sucking up the poop and the chest is outside. This is a nice handy setup that saves you from having to climb inside and get stuck on the conveyors and also stops chickens from falling outside of it.

chest to gather feces
Take away one of the walls and place the chest close to the edge and make sure the absorber is going inside the enclosure so that when you rebuild the wall, the suction is pulling items inside

3 – Gather 30 or So Chickens (More The Better)

Chickens are small and take up less space. They are also less likely to clip out of walls and escape your farm. You will need to gather a lot of these. At least 30 but the more the better. It may impact framerate but you could kill a few once you have enough faeces built up.

One handy way to do this is to put two chickens into a breeder and just let the breeder dump the baby chickens directly into your conveyor belt torture chamber. Once they start falling inside it is job done!

Let the chickens spin around in here forever. It might take 5 minutes before a single piece of poop even drops but once it starts, you should end up with a steady stream of faeces landing into this chest that you can use on your journey to crafting a rocket to the stars.

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