How To Automate Sand Collection & Storage

Sand will have been on the doorstep of your settlement since you started the game and it will be quite some time before you find yourself needing it. You are more than likely looking to start making mortar to upgrade your defensive towers. To do this, you are going to need some sand, which turns out to be a little more tricky to gather than you might have anticipated.

Collecting sand is easy, once you know what to do. There is a plentiful supply of sand nearby, you just need to automate the gathering of it. The guide below will show you how to collect and store sand for crafting.

How to Collect Sand

When it comes to collecting sand, you will likely run straight for a shovel and get digging in the sand only to find it does not work. A similar feeling that you might have had when it came to removing the purple bushes from the map.

To collect sand, you will need to use a bucket, not a shovel or spade. When you use a bucket on an area of sand, you will fill the bucket with three units of sand, the same way you would with water. You can then use this bucket to add sand as an ingredient when creating mortar or any other item that uses sand as a crafting ingredient.

How To Store Sand

Another thing that is likely going to catch you when it comes to farming sand in Autonauts is how to store it. You have a bucket full of sand and you try to add it to a box, it won’t work. Since you are using a bucket, maybe you put the sand into a barrel, as you do with water…nope, that doesn’t work either! You will need to build a grain silo and this will allow you to store the sand.

how to store sand
Sand can be easily stored in silos, just like grain seeds

Seems like a weird one but you could compare sand to grains of food so I guess a silo is not a completely strange place to be storing sand. Once you have filled a silo with sand, you can use it the same way you would with any other resource in a storage container.

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