How to Automate Blueprint Construction

automate blueprint

Automation is the key mechanic in Autonauts. Rather than manually chopping trees and cutting the logs yourself, you program a bot to do it for you, it’s simple and brilliant.

I have already spoken before about keeping your bots simple and not to multitask. The idea of getting a bot to build a blueprint for you seems to go against this. Blueprints can be complex and having a bot to build every single blueprint sounds like more effort than it is worth. This is true but if you look at the problem differently, there is actually a very clever and simple way to use bots to complete blueprints for you. This guide will show you an awesome way to save you lots of time by getting bots to build for you.

How to get bots to build blueprints

To start, you will need to build a signpost and place it somewhere with a bit of space for building. If you are unfamiliar with how to use signs, check out this guide to signs in Autonauts. Set an area using the sign that you can designate as the build area.

blueprint build area
Using a signpost is a handy way to setup a build area for your blueprints

Don’t Make Bots for Specific Blueprints

This is the biggest mistake you can make. If you look as structures in Autonauts, they more often than not require the same materials. Logs, planks, sticks, stones etc. If you create a bit and instruct him to “gather log, add it to a blueprint in the area” you will find you have a single bot that can add wooden logs to any blueprint. Do the same for all of the materials below and feel free to add any other common ingredients. The following should cover 90% of your needs early in the game.

  • Logs
  • Planks
  • Poles
  • Pegs
  • Stone
  • Sticks

As you progress, you will need to add additional items but the process will remain the same. Make one bot supply one ingredient to many blueprints.

What about Uncommon Blueprint Items?

So what happens when you need an axe or something that might be unique to one blueprint. You could go down the road of a multi-tasking bot that can supply various uncommon blueprint ingredients but you will be best off just doing this yourself. It’s only one axe now and then. If it becomes frequent, make a bot for it. There’s no need to automate things you very rarely need to do yourself.

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