Green Mono Breeding Farm Technique

green mono breeding

When it comes to farming animals in Craftopia the breeding farm and the ##TOASTER## are going to be two structures that you will encounter fairly often. The main problem with these structures is that the animals will take damage and eventually die when they are in either of these machines. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way around this?

Green monos are strange little creatures that seem friendly but they are quite hostile. They come in a few different colours with blue being the first you are likely to encounter. When you first come across a green mono, you will notice that they heal pretty much everything nearby when they are killed. This includes animals and even trees.

By taking advantage of the healing properties of monos, you can set up infinite breeding farms and livestock farms where the animals will never die. Here is a very useful tip that will show you how to create a mono breeding farm that will allow you to create a large number of infinite resource farms.

1 – Build A Cooking Pot With Some Empty Space Below

To start out, you should build this with some space underneath. In order to take advantage of this technique for infinite resources, you will need to build the resource farm underneath the cooking pot in order to be within the healing range of a green mono when it is killed.

Build a platform above the ground and place a large cooking pot on top of it.

mono breeding farm
This simple setup will cause 4 green mono to be used for breeding where the death of the newly born mono to cause a healing wave to prevent the mono from ever dying inside the breeder

2 – Place Animal Breeding Machines On Pot

Take two breeding machines and place them on top of the cooking pot. It can be done with one breeding farm but having two keeps you far safer from the farm collapsing if an animal dies before it can be healed. You need to make sure that the green tube that the new animals come out of during breeding is over the cooking pot. You want to make sure that when they are born, they fall straight into the cooking pot and get killed.

mono breeding farm
Make sure there is enough space for the animals to fall into the pot but not so far back that the breeding machines fall off the cooking pot.

3 – Put Green Monos Into Breeding Farm

Take the green monos that you have captured in monster prisms and place them into the two circles on top of the breeding farm. This will result in them starting to make more green monos. The green mono will die very quick in the breeding farm and do not produce many offspring. This is part of the reason for having two breeding machines. When the baby mono falls into the cooking pot, it will die and heal the four mono in the breeding machines on top of the cooking pot. This will allow them to keep breeding into infinity without dying.

Since you now have an infinite source of healing that will never stop, you will be able to build a farm of some kind underneath or above this green mono breeding farm that you can build in a way that takes advantage of this constant healing wave.

mono breeding
You can double this up with a breeding farm to actually make more mono
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