Easy Way To Farm Infinite Super Alloy

Super Alloy is one of the resources in Planet Crafter that is going to be in demand from the very start of the game until the end. Even if a structure does not use super alloy directly, one of the components is likely to need it. Even though crafting super alloy is quite easy, obtaining large quantities of it will consume lots of valuable aluminum and consume a lot of time. So why not look at farming an infinite supply without having to work for it?

Even if you have been good to explore the world in depth, you may have missed a secret little cave that is going to be the source of all of your problems. A cave that will give you an infinite supply of super alloy.

How To Easily Get Lots Of Super Alloy

The video guide above will show you the exact location of the super alloy cave in Planet Crafter. It isn’t too hard to find but I would suggest you watch the video to find its location as it does blend in well to the cliff edge.

Once you have found this cave, you can start working toward the farm that will provide you with your supply of super alloy. The best thing about this method is that it actually produces units of super alloy as opposed to producing the resources that you can use to craft super alloy. This saves you lots of time and effort. Just visit this cave every now and then and fill your inventory.

You will need to place a T2 ore extractor inside the cave and it will start digging up super alloy for you. You will know it is working correctly as you will see a unit of super alloy ore at the bottom of the interface where you see what the drill is currently picking up from the ground. Once you see the alloy image, you know you are good to go!

farming super alloy
Placing a tier 2 ore extracting drill in the super alloy cave will allow you to havest an infinite amount of it

Super Alloy Meteor Shower

This happened to me once and it happened to be one of the times when I was not streaming the game…so maybe nobody will believe me! But as I left the cave with my pockets full of superalloy from the ore extractor an unusual meteor shower that was a green and purple colour started. The meteors were small and didn’t look like they were dropping anything but as I looked closer to them, they were actually dropping superalloy. The problem is that the ore only lasted a few minutes before vanishing but I used this opportunity to pick up as much of it as possible. Make sure you do not waste any time gathering the ore if this happens to you as it will be incredibly valuable to get lots of free super alloy for crafting.

Edit, I caught the meteor shower live! So this has happened twice now. Both times when i left this cave with a larger amount of super allow than usual. Not sure if it is related but I will update the guide If i find out more. Leave a comment below if you know more about how to trigger this.

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