100% Automated Battery Farm

infinite battery farm

Once you have mastered most of the basics of the game and built all of the main structures, you are going to find that all of the new structures that bring you toward full automation and farming require batteries. Getting a battery isn’t too hard, but it is slow and time-consuming, especially when you have to keep catching animals. Well, struggle no more with this awesome Infinite battery farm.

This is a fully functional, no maintenance solution that will give you a completely infinite source of batteries along with a steady supply of food without ever having to lift a finger once it has been set up. This is one of the handiest ways to farm batteries in Craftopia.

There are very few prerequisites here, you can really build it with just a few basic bits. How far you go with the automation side of things is up to you. You can easily recreate this basic farm multiple times in a small area to get a huge number of batteries without having to do any work. This farm combined with the bioethanol farm, you should have all you need to get some serious automation done.

automated battery farm
It looks cruel as hell but this automated battery farm will provide you with an infinite supply of batteries with very little work

This guide will also show you how to double this battery farm up into a food farm. Since the animals eventually escape their enclosure, killing them for food is a nice way to keep them from cluttering the place and giving you something useful in the process. Here is everything you are going to need.

  • 2 Captured Animals ( I used cows )
  • 1 Breeding Tool
  • 1 Power Generator
  • Some walls
  • 2 Fences
  • 1 Sucker
  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Blower

Optional extras if you want to double this battery farm into a food farm too.

  • Multiple flat and angled conveyor belts
  • A large cooking pot

1 – Building The Animal Pen

If you have built a power generator before, you will know how power generation works. You capture an animal and place it into the running wheel of the power generator. The animal runs and will eventually produce a battery. The animal will eventually die, and you must go and fetch another. Even then, you can easily lose batteries if you do not get to the generator fast enough after the animal dies.

This battery farming guide will be fully automated while still using animals. So to get started you are going to need to create an animal pen. This is a simple box with high walls. The smaller the better in this case. 4 x 4 is the best way to do it to avoid wasting space. You can’t really use this with multiple generators so keep it small to fit multiple farms in one location.

2 – Place Breeding Farm & Power Generator

When you place the breeding farm structure, you need to make sure that you place the power generator right in front of it. The green pipe that comes out of the breeding structure needs to be right on the power generator. This will result in the animals pretty much falling directly into the wheel. As soon as one animal dies, another should be produced in a few minutes to make another.

breeding cows
Place the generator right in front of the breeding machine so the cows come straight out and into the running wheel.

Since this is such a tight pen when one of the breeding animals dies off, another will end up falling onto the top of it right away and you should end up with an infinite supply of cows, or any other animals and an infinite supply of power based on the work they do.

3 – Block Animals From Escaping

The pen will eventually become so overcrowded that animals end up spilling out. The best you can do for now is put a fence in place to stop them from getting out. A combination of archies and other structures might block a cow but still allow the battery to get chucked out of the generator to reach your chest.

stop animals escaping
I used a simple fence here as I still wanted to be able to catch the cows and bring them up the conveyor belts to be cooked. You can use something better here if you decide you do not need the cooking part

4 – Connect The Chest To Collect Batteries

Once your power generator is spitting out batteries, you can simply connect a suction device to a chest to suck up the batteries that get shot out. You will now have a chest that builds up a collection of infinite batteries based on. That’s it, your infinite battery farm that takes absolutely no effort to run is now complete!

collecting batteries
Aim your chest at the power generator and when a battery is shot out, it will be collected and placed into the chest

5 – (Optional) Food Processing Section

Animals are eventually going to spill out of the pen and go wandering around your settlement. If you set up a system of conveyor belts that make their way up to a large pot, you can set up a food processing farm to clean up the stray animals while also giving you a steady supply of food.

automated cooking
The cows will come up a conveyor belt from the battery farm and go straight into a pot where they are cooked. The chest nearby will then suck up the cooked food the same way the generator works.
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