Can You Make An Automated Wood Farm?


Is it possible to setup some kind of automation that will give me an unlimited supply of wood? Chopping trees isn’t too much trouble but when they run out, what do you do. Can we setup some sort of tree grower that will grow an infinite amount of trees, like crops do on farms and just keep farming them over and over and collecting them with the drone robots?

Can You Make An Automated Wood Farm

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bandersnatch -

I don’t think this is currently possible. For most construction, it is best to use stone as much as you can since this resource is very easy to find in a piece of bedrock on most islands. Since it is super easy to automate the collection of stone, you should opt for using stone instead of wood wherever possible to reduce the need for large amounts of wood.

There are some handy ways to speed up the collection of wood. This guide will offer you some help but it is not as reliable as stone and it is not unlimited.

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