Prevent Animals From Dying In Breeders

animals dying in breeders

Breeding animals is a rather wacky system in Craftopia. While we do not expect the animals to go jumping on each other to make babies, it is rather unexpected to see a machine that ends up smashing the animals together to produce a baby.

Comical elements aside, one of the more frustrating parts of breeding animals is the fact that they take damage as they are bred before eventually dying. Sometimes animals will walk back onto the breeder to end up creating an infinite source a particular animal type.

There may be circumstances where the animal is rare or is so weak that they end up dying before they have produced a reasonable amount of babies. If you had a way to stop the breeders from killing the animals, it would be perfect, right? Well, the good news is that it is possible to stop animals from dying in the breeding farm without having to resort to any fancy glitches and hacks.

pig breeding machine
Breeding machines are pretty wacky but they will be super useful for resource farming

Stop Breeding Machines Killing Animals

So the main issue we have to deal with here is the fact that every few seconds a small portion of health is going to be removed from the two animals that are in the breeding machine. This can’t be stopped but you can negate the effect by providing a source of healing to these animals so that their health does not reach zero, causing them to die.

Create A Green Mono Breeding Farm

If you are unfamiliar with green monos, they are the same as the regular blue mono creatures but the difference is that they will heal everything inside the blast radius when they die. By building a very simple green mono breeding farm, you can build anything you like in its vicinity and end up with an infinite source of whatever expendable item you are trying to harvest.

If you do not know how to create a mono healing farm, check out this guide. It will show you how to create this healing farm that will prevent any animals in a breeding farm from dying, allowing you to create an infinite source of whatever animal you are trying to breed. Keep in mind there are upper limits to how many animals can exist on a single island.

mono breeding farm
This simple setup will cause 4 green mono to be used for breeding where the death of the newly born mono to cause a healing wave to prevent the mono from ever dying inside the breeder
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