How to Automate Creating New Bots

Creating bots is going to be a regular requirement from the beginning to the end of the game. You are always going to need new bots. Be it for automating resource gathering or for creating soldiers to fight the pirates. If you are creating bots manually whenever you need them, stop! It is time to start automating this process to save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Automating the creation of new bots is actually very simple. The ingredients required to create them are all very basic and can be obtained early on in the game. Instructing a bot to create a bot for you is also a very simple process and is no different to scripting a bot to perform any other task in the game.

Using a Bot To Create More Bots

The automation process here is very simple. Create a new bot, blow the whistle and instruct it to provide the ingredients needed into the bot assembly unit. You can see the full breakdown of the steps needed to automate the creation of bots below.

automating the creation of bots
This relatively simple script will allow you to program a bot to create more bots for you

Knowing When To Stop And When To Make New Bots

As with many automation scripts in this game, instructing the bots to perform the task is normally the easy job and the hard part is teaching them how to know when to stop making new items and how to continue making new items when the demand for them returns.

For a large portion of the game, you will not have an excessive demand for multiple bots to be available at once. When you find a need for one or two new bots, by the time you have setup the first bot, your assembly unit should have completed the process of creating another. This is why there is no need to go to any great lengths to create a way of storing bots.

The video below will show the creation of two bot automation stations that will give you a nice steady supply of worker bots to use for various things in the game.

By selecting “Until bot assembly unit full”, you will get your bot to create one new bot and when there is an idle bot sitting in the output area of the creation station, no additional bots will be created. This means you will always have one spare bot ready to be programmed all of the time. As soon as you use it, the process of creating another one will begin right away.

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