Frame rate terrible on Xbox series x after update??


This game has been running quite well for me on the series x. The frame rate can get choppy when there is lots going on but in general it has been more than ok.

Today I turned the game on and the frame rate is awful. I’ve even gone to a completely empty island that just has water and the frame rate is terrible. The game played perfect the other day.

The game was updated, is this an issue? I’ve tried restarting the Xbox and everything.

Frame rate terrible on Xbox series x after update

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1 Answer

NukeZer0 -

There does seem to be some weird issues on series x right now. The game is getting an official series x release soon. This could be a bug due to some optimisations targeting the Xbox one version of the game that we have now. All of the graphical settings were removed so it looks like someone might have screwed up preparing the game for the series x release.


  1. I have a pc ps5 and series x and I like all of them both. My pc is the best one and should be my ps5 to me runs great the series x I have had some problems with it with stuttering. I have no idea why it’s stuttering but it is I’m hoping that it will go away jd anyone has no suggestions or hint to help me out I’d love to hear from you.

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