Optimal Power Generation on Each Planet

Optimal Power Generation on Each Planet

In Astroneer, energy is a crucial resource that powers your tools, modules, rovers, and more. However, each planet in the game provides different conditions affecting power production methods. This guide will detail the optimal ways to generate power on each planet, accounting for their individual environmental factors.

All planets have their environmental differences that benefit different power generation items. The RTG is the most reliable method of generating power on all planets in the game as it works independently of any parts of the environment. There is of course a large cost associated with these so the guide below will focus on renewable energy that is more affordable to obtain.

1. Sylva (Terran Planet)

Sylva has a nicely balanced environment and is ideal for both wind and solar power.

  • Wind Power: Take advantage of the steady winds by deploying Wind Turbines. Place them in high locations for maximum efficiency.
  • Solar Power: Although not as consistent as wind, solar power can also be a valuable source of energy on Sylva. Installing Solar Panels will ensure that your base is powered during daylight hours.

2. Desolo (Barren Moon)

Desolo experiences significant sunlight but has weaker winds, making it ideal for solar power.

  • Solar Power: Maximize power generation on Desolo by investing in Large Solar Panels. Since the planet experiences long periods of daylight, you’ll have a robust and consistent power supply.

3. Calidor (Arid Planet)

Calidor experiences constant sunlight but has minimal wind, similar to Desolo.

  • Solar Power: Solar Panels will be your best option on Calidor due to the near-constant sunlight. Large Solar Panels can help generate an effective power supply.

4. Vesania (Exotic Planet)

Vesania has shades of passing clouds, leading to fluctuating power from wind and sun.

  • Hybrid System: Here, a combination of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels would be best. When the wind stops, the sunlight will keep your base powered and vice versa.

5. Novus (Exotic Moon)

Novus receives an abundance of both wind and sunlight, making it suitable for either power source.

  • Hybrid System: Combining Wind Turbines with Solar Panels ensures a reliable power source, covering changes in weather and day-night cycles.

6. Glacio (Tundra Planet)

Glacio is famed for its powerful winds, making it ideal for wind power.

  • Wind Power: Wind Turbines, strategically placed, will provide ample power on Glacio. Although the presence of sunlight is also suitable for solar power, the constant gusts of wind make Wind Turbines more potent.

7. Atrox (Radioactive Planet)

Atrox is challenging as it doesn’t offer as much wind or sunshine due to its thick cloud cover.

  • RTG (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator): With no regular sun or wind, the RTG is the most reliable power source here. Obtaining enough resources to build an RTG may require some effort, but it’s worth it for the consistent power supply of Atrox.

Finally, the ideal approach to power generation on any planet is to have multiple sources and backup generators, ensuring a constant supply. As you progress further into the game, consider investing in RTGs as they deliver consistent and high amounts of power on any planet. Always tailor your power choices to the planet’s environmental conditions for an optimal power generation setup.

Optimal Power Generation on Each Planet In Astroneer

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