Is there a way to increase the timer for nightfall strikes?


No matter how quickly we are during the nightfall strike there is never enough time. We have tried a few of the strikes now and every time it seems like the timer is way too strict to ever come close to getting it done. Is there a way to get more time during the strikes? Performing some side quest or something that will give us more time on the clock in order to complete the Nightfall.

Is there a way to increase the timer for nightfall strikes
Destiny 2

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Dan Hastings -

Yes, it is possible to increase the timer for most strikes, at least all of the nightfalls we have seen so far. As you are walking around the levels keep an eye for a notification/effect indicator on the left side of the screen. You want to wait for one that says there is an anomaly nearby. There should be a green triangle icon to go with this. You will need to find and destroy this and you will get an extra 30 seconds on the clock. 

The anomoloes are in the same location every time so you can quickly learn where to find them by either playing over and over or just looking up a video guide on YouTube that shows you the location of all of the anomalies in this week’s Nightfall map. 

Anomalies are blue rectangle shapes that look a bit like the lattice objects. They are digital looking shapes with a strong blue glow. I don’t think they make a sound, but there are usually enemies around. They usually look quite out of place so they are easy enough to find, especially when the game gives you a notification when you are nearby.

Sometimes it is handy to bring a sniper so that you can quickly shoot some that are further away without wasting time walking over to it.

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