Stuck installing the update file?


I downloaded the latest game update that was over 90gb for the PS5 version of Destiny 2. I see from the upload/download section of the main menu that the update is ready to install. When I load up the game it seems to just get stuck. It keeps flashing “installing the update file” but nothing seems to be happening. Looks like it is stuck in a loop?

Destiny 2 Installing the update file
This is the message that I see constantly flashing on the screen?

I tried rebooting the console but it hasn’t done anything to fix the issue. Loaded back up the game and I still see the same error message flashing on the screen when I try to start up the game.

Stuck installing the update file
Destiny 2

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2 Answers

Dan Hastings -

This is a sort of bug for anyone who has pre-ordered Lightfall I think. There was a notification in the game that explains it. The correct workaround is to just delete and and reinstall according to the game developers themselves.

Lightfall won't load

savageeye -

The same thing happened to me. I left it sitting for a while to see if maybe the message kept flashing because there were so many individual updates to install that were part of the download or something but it doesn’t stop. Kept going for a few minutes.

The only fix is to delete the game from the console and redownload it from the store. Since all of your gameplay progress is stored in the cloud, you don’t lose any data by deleting the game. Once you reinstall it, you won’t see the message about installing the update file show anymore.

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