What Is The Best Weapon To Use?


What is the best weapon to use in Resident Evil 4, and what makes it superior to other weapons in the game? Have you found any particular weapon to be especially effective against certain enemies or bosses?

What Is The Best Weapon To Use
Resident Evil 4

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2 Answers

Ray Cunningham -

The best weapon to use in Resident Evil 4 ultimately depends on your playstyle. Here are a few weapons that are generally considered to be among the best in the game:

  1. The Broken Butterfly: This magnum has high firepower and a large capacity, making it very effective against bosses.
  2. The Chicago Typewriter: This fully automatic machine gun has a high rate of fire and good accuracy, making it great for mowing down large groups of enemies.
  3. The Striker: This shotgun has a wide spread and high firepower, making it very effective at close range.
  4. The Red9: This pistol has a high firepower and a fast rate of fire, making it very effective against enemies at medium range.
bandersnatch -

The best weapons to use depend on the character. For Leon, the best weapons to use are the handgun or shotgun, as the shotgun will likely kill the Ganados in a few hits. For Ada, the best weapons to use are the handgun and TMP, as they can be used to shoot the Ganados in the face or the knees in order to get special attacks on them. For Krauser, the best weapon to use is the bow, as it is very powerful and will usually defeat any normal enemy with one shot. For HUNK, the best weapon to use is the custom TMP, as it comes with a stock attached already and is useful at any range. For Wesker, the best weapons to use are the Killer7 for powerful foes, the rifle for crowds and long distance foes, and the handgun for stunning opponents. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right one for the situation.

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