How Do You Get a Hover Bike?

On a few occasions I have come across a hover bike (usually on fire) when roaming around the map. I can drive them and they are really cool. I thought they were just part of the game, but then I saw 2 guys equip a bike out of nowhere and drive off. How do they do this? Where can i get one of these hover bikes?

How Do You Get a Hover Bike? Destiny 2

How Do You Get a Hover Bike? - . - See below for the answer to this question.

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Dan Hastings

I think you have to wait until you are level 20 before you can get one. Once I hit level 20, I spoke with Tess Everis in the farm and she gave me one for free. It wasn't as cool as some of the others I found that had guns on them, but it was quick and free, so you can't complain. 

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