Where To Find Season 19 Event

Season 19 has launched for Destiny 2 and along with it, a new event to enjoy. This time around, we have a return to an event similar to the psyops event. As soon as you start up the game, you will obtain all of the new season 19 related changes after completing the opening cinematic and quest. From here, what next, where do you find the new seasonal event?

The short answer is that you will need to head to the H.E.L.M.

Once you get to the H.E.L.M, you will need to take part in a few different steps in the active quest line for the new season. Some of this will take you away from this location and back again. Follow all that you need to do until the game eventually introduces you to the new “Heist Battlegrounds” playlist.

season 19 heist battleground

Once you have access to the new Heist Battlegrounds playlist, you will be able to get stuck into it as you would with any other event. It supports matchmaking so simply highlight the icon on the map and you will be able to dive in with a fireteam of two other players and start earning rewards for the new season.

Heist Battlegrounds Is Missing?

If you have checked the H.E.L.M and find that there is no icon as you see in the image above to join the battleground, it likely means that you have not progressed far enough with the main quest for the new season. Check your quest log and you will find the new seasonal quest. Follow this and it will guide you to the H.E.L.M where you need to perform a few actions before the event becomes available.

season 19 helm quest

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