Maelstrom Quest Guide

Maelstrom Quest

To travel to Neomuna, go to the Director and select the Neomuna location from the list of available planets. Once you arrive at Neomuna, you will see a marker for the Maelstrom quest on your map as a blue quest icon. The quest will be active right away and will be in the current vex exclusion zone.

Bond with Strand Sources

When you arrive at the quest marker, you will need to start looking around the area to find strand sources. Strand sources are green fissures that have a green effect around them. Approach the strand source and interact with it to complete the bonding. You will need to find 2 of these to complete the quest.

If you are struggling to find them, it is best to look up high as they are normally out of sight. You will notice that there is a star icon that signals a strand source.

Participate in Public Events

While bonding with the strand sources, you will need to participate in public events that occur within the Vex exclusion zone. Public events are marked on your map and are triggered automatically when you get close enough to the event’s location. Participating in public events will help you progress towards the completion of the quest.

Complete Patrols

In addition to participating in public events, you will need to complete patrols within the Vex exclusion zone. Patrols are small missions that are randomly generated and marked on your map. Completing patrols will give you rewards and help you progress towards the completion of the quest. On Neomuna, patrols are blue holograms that you speak with to collect.

Loot Resources

While you are completing patrols and participating in public events, keep an eye out for resources that you can loot. On Neomuna these are cloud accretions. They are metallic-looking plants that have a strong glow and a multicoloured effect. The video guide below will show you what they look like and where to find them. Using the wombo detector will make this element of the quest considerably easier.

Check Maelstrom Quest Progress

To check your progress towards the area defended part of the quest, open your quest log and look for the Maelstrom quest. The progress bar will show you how much progress you have made and what you need to do to complete the quest. This will make you feel saner as it allows you to see the progress you have made so far on the quest.

Once you complete both objectives in the quest, you will move onto the next part. This video guide will explain the main parts of this aspect of the Maelstrom quest for you.

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