Gameplay Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions relating to gameplay.


Where can I find ketchcrash after the h.e.l.m redesign for Lightfall.

I am unable to purchase the robes from Gladrags in Hogsmeade due to all my gear lots being full, how do i fix this?

How do you gain the loyalty of team members in Mass Effect 2?

How do you speak with the horse that has the exclamation mark above its head outside the horse mines?

My Pokemon was in the middle of evolving and then stopped with the message that the pokemon did not evolve, why?

Is the dawning event pass worth spending money on? It seems kinda expensive, has anyone paid for it?

How are you supposed to earn points in the Rift crucible game mode in Destiny 2?

Whenever I try to add wooden pegs to the storage pallet, they wont add like they do for all of the other types of wood.

Why do my bots stop stacking items in the pallets every time the pallet fills up? The repeat loop doesnt seem to keep going when the supply starts to empty.

Is it possible to use flying mounts to make it to the top of Tallnecks in Forbidden West?