Gameplay Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions relating to gameplay.


Are you able to replay the game a second time using a NG+ game mode?

How do you see what encounter and chapter you are currently on while in game in the Last of Us Part 2?

How do you break through the red gates that say use crush to open?

what does the one punch mode in dead island do? Is it worth starting up a game in this mode or should i stick with the standard game mode? Will it make the game too easy?

How do you rejoin the BT on the other side of the room in Titanfall 2 story mode?

How do you catch a Pokémon that has its guard up when you are in the wild area in Pokémon shield an sword

How are you meant to catch water Pokémon and others that are swimming in the water areas of the map?

Is there a way to reload past game saves in Pokémon shield or sword on the Nintendo Switch

How do you sneak through the tall grass in Pokémon sword and shield to avoid alerting enemies

I have constructed a floating carrier in Death Stranding and I can see it in my inventory but I cant figure out how to equip it so that I can load cargo onto it.