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Gameplay Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions relating to gameplay.


Is it possible to use flying mounts to make it to the top of Tallnecks in Forbidden West?

When you die in Horizon Forbidden West, does all of the progress reset or do you get to keep any earned XP?

Are there Master Balls in Arceus that you can use to guarantee that you will be able to capture the Pokemon without it breaking free of the Pokeball?

What is the point of the mass outbreak locations in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Is there some kind of quest I should be picking up first?

Is there a way to speed up the enemy the rn in Warhammer battle sector so you can fast forward through the Tyranids turn?

How do you exit the grand underground in Pokemon. I am not strong enough and can't see a way to escape.

How do I ask Gamora to cut the cable holding the stone block in place?

Is it possible to build an automated tree farm that will give you an unlimited supply or wood to use for crafting in Craftopia?

What happens when you have chopped down all of the trees that are growing on the island?

How do you change the order of the planimals that are in your party before going into combat?