Mission / Quest Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to missions and quests in video games.


I can't get into the room for the quest objective bypass the lockdown at brother 3

How do you get the groundskeeper to wear his sun hat in the garden of the untitled goose game?

The mission says to return to sanctuary but the woman keeps asking me to ring the bell. What do I do?

What music discs do you need to play for Betty in the Juke box for the power of music in final fantasy vii

How do you get the reward for finding all of the fairies and fireflies in the ant Caves in medievil?

Should I accept the witches quest in the enchanted earth level in medievil?

Where do I find toad when he has lost his camera. The professor wants me to find him

is there an end to the mr. whoopie missions for the ice cream factory in Vice city? Selling icr cream seems to go on forever with no end to it. Is there a goal to reach?

Stuck on the train in exodus unable to progress with the missions

I am stuck at the train yard in the Volga mission where I must get past an electricity ball