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Questions and answers relating to missions and quests in video games.


How are you supposed to get inside the research labratory in Hateno village for the professor robbie in order to get the sensor upgrade for the purah pad?

I am stuck trying to help Robbie test the shrine sensor in Tears of the Kingdom. What are you supposed to do?

Has anyone given flint to the goron for the cash in on ripened flint quest in tears of the kingdom? Does it result in any rupees?

how am i meant to link up the moving gears to the gears not moving to unlock the door in the wind temple?

how do you get to the top of the waterfall in the Zora domain to meet sidon?

Where do you find the historian Jiahto for the Zora prince?

I am stuck trying to get across the final bridge in the Temple of time at the start of the game

How do you figure out how to enter the ruins for the golden snidgets side quest in hogwarts legacy?

I have placed both moths into the mechanism but the door won't open.

How are you supposed to sneak past all of the cloaked demons after picking up the invisibility cloak while on a quest for Niamh Fitzgerald in Hogwarts Legacy