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Mission / Quest Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to missions and quests in video games.


When will Mithrax and Eido finish studying whatever they are studying for the sails of the shipstealer quest?

What vendor sells bounties for PsiOps playlists?

Where do you get the first relic for the seasonal quest for season of plunder. Where in the HELM do you need to bring this back to?

Where can I find the captains atlas for the Season of plunder quest line?

Progression toward the grenade launcher weapon bounty is not moving past 0% even though I have been getting grenade launcher kills

How do you get to the panel at the safe house for the returning the favour quest in dead rising 4?

Where is the quest objective for the counting sheep in dun ardtreck

How do you get to the survivors trapped in the metal tower during the deluge quest in Forbidden West?

During the seeds of the past quest, there is no way forward. There is a locked gate with enemies behind it but nothing is happening.

What are you meant to be looking for at hearthome city to complete the objective.