Mission / Quest Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to missions and quests in video games.


Where is the final clue in Mrs Driscolls house as part of the rat paper scissors quest in stranger things

How do you fill the party meter for the DJ at the beach?

Where is Jack's tie clip in the apartment at the start of the game?

Where can i find gold during the Deep Rock Galactic mining tutorial?

How do you get inside the locked boathouse for the sunken funds quest?

What are the correct answers to the questions the doctor asks you while you are doing the lie detector test at the asylum?

Where do you find metal dowels to repair the broken table at the bar?

Where are you meant to go after learning to climb in the intro mission?

Stop Parnell escaping objective isn't working how do I progress?

Need help! When I try to speak to the druid I get, he will not speak to Eivor but perhaps he will speak to the Mari Lwyd?