Mission / Quest Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to missions and quests in video games.


I am stuck at the train yard in the Volga mission where I must get past an electricity ball

I am stuck at a church area in the Volga mission for metro exodus. I don't know how to escape and am stuck

Where in the Panopticon can I find the traffic light item for the Langston's runaways mission in Control

How do you get to the Japanese paper lantern altered item in control? 

How to solve traffic light puzzle in control for Langston's runaways

I am stuck at the Oceanview motel on janitor quest. Key won't work on black pyramid door

I have found Gulo’s body and extracted the device from her. It has played but the quest never completed. I never paid much attention at the time. Whenever I fast travel the recording starts playing again. I assumed if I did a reset of the system it would fix this so I pressed on doing […]

How to get past the red barrier to the parapsychology area for the old boys club

What are you meant to to once you reach hayse' grave in outer worlds. I can't interact with it once I get to monarch

should i tell Phineas welles that i have been asked to place a tracking code at gis lab?


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