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Questions and answers relating to missions and quests in video games.

Which place should i divert the power to, the town of Edgewater or the botanical garden.. My partner suggests edgwater, jsut want to be sure.

How do you make Lockne change her mind at mountain knot city?

I have interacted with the main terminal for the power and I need to go down stairs now to interact with something. The computer says the building is on lockdown and is asking for a passcode to unlock the door. I can’t find a passcode anywhere though. Where do I find it?

Should I kill or free Cassandra O'Malley in Outer World's. She is locked in a cage and I have the option.

The pink gost has asked me to bring him to his grave. I am at the graveyard and cant find it in legend of zelda links awakening

How do you dive down into the catfish mouth at marthas bay. The quest tip is telling me to in the legend of zelda links awakening

The walrus below animal village is blocking the way over to the desert that has the angler key. How do you get him to move out of the way?

Where can i find the location of the Ocarina item in The legend of zelda links awakening. I need it as part of the main quest and cand find it

I have found four out of the five golden leafs at the castle in the legend of zelda links awakening and I can't find the remaining one

Where can I find the canned goods item to give to the crocodile in exchange for bananas in the legend of zelda Link's awakening?


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