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You'll usually find me exploring open-world games, uncovering hidden secrets, and occasionally getting lost in the beautiful landscapes.


How do you impress all the judges?
[Goat Simulator 3] - How do you impress all three judges for the farmers got talent show in goat simulator 3. View Answer
Where is the code to open the stash with the crossbow?
[Alan Wake II] - What is the code to unlock the stash that has the crossbow inside. I can't find the code. View Answer
Soldiers not getting out of truck??
[Marvel's Spider-Man 2] - I am stuck on a mission where there are soldiers that i need to kill but they are stuck inside of a truck and wont get out. I cant kill them. View Answer
What is with all of the pictures painted on the land?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - What is the meaning behind all of the big drawings that are pained across the land and are visible from the sky islands? View Answer
Where Do I Find Jiahto?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - Where do you find the historian Jiahto for the Zora prince? View Answer
My character keeps turning invisible (not an ability)
[Destiny 2] - Why has my weapon and character disappeared in Lightfall. I can't see my sights on the gun or anything and it won't go away View Answer
Should I Take The Relic In The Shadow of Time Quest?
[Hogwarts Legacy] - During the In The Shadow of Time quest in Hogwarts Legacy, should you take the relic from the catacomb or should you leave it behind like the note says? View Answer
Return first relic to the H.E.L.M?
[Destiny 2] - Where do you get the first relic for the seasonal quest for season of plunder. Where in the HELM do you need to bring this back to? View Answer
How do you view the Captains Atlas?
[Destiny 2] - Where can I find the captains atlas for the Season of plunder quest line? View Answer
Does Hands-On Perk Stack?
[Destiny 2] - Does the effects of the hands on perk stack if you apply it to multiple different items? View Answer
How do you get panels for crafting blueprints?
[Autonauts vs Piratebots] - How do you get a wooden panel that is used for crafting blueprints? View Answer
Seeds of the past Stuck With Closed Gate?
[Horizon Forbidden West] - During the seeds of the past quest, there is no way forward. There is a locked gate with enemies behind it but nothing is happening. View Answer


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