Cryptic Quatrains 1 Quest Guide

Cryptic Quatrains 1

Cryptic Quatrains is a side quest in Destiny 2 that is part of the Season of Plunder. The quest will be presented as a riddle and does not give you a clear objective on what you need to do. You will have to solve all four steps of the riddle before you can complete the quest. This guide will show you how to complete each of the steps.

How To Get The Cryptic Quatrains 1 Quest

You will be able to get this quest from the Star Chart in the HELM. You will see it as a reward for leveling up. It can be easily identified as it looks like a message in a bottle. If you do not have it unlocked yet, start completing bounties and ketchcrash and expedition events associated with this season. Once you have earned enough XP, you will be able to collect the reward and start the quest.

Step 1: Go to The Moon

If you look at the quest description, the clue will become clear. “Begin Search On Moon”. This is a key to solving the riddles going forward. There will be some highlighted text and this is the clue to tell you what to do.

Cryptic Quatrains 1 quest guide
How to complete all four parts of the Cryptic Quatrains quest

Travel to the moon and this objective will complete automatically and you will move onto the second step of the quest line.

Step 2: Complete K1 Revelation Lost Sector

The next quest clue will require you to complete the K1 revelation lost sector. This lost sector can be found on the moon. The map marker below will show you where to find it. Once you complete the lost sector by looting the chest at the end, you will move onto the next step of the quest.

k1 revelation lost sector
The marker on the map will show you where to find the K1 Revelation lost sector on the moon

Step 3: Complete Fallen SABER strike

The Fallen SABER strike can be found on the cosmodrome. The icon is to the right side of the map. You can view this map and you will be able to select the strike and trigger it rather than having to try and randomly get it through standard matchmaking.

fallen saber strike
The fallen saber strike can be found in the cosmodrome

Step 4: Find the buried treasure On Europa.

The final step of this quest will require you to travel to Europa. In the upper corner of Eventide Ruins, you will find a bright green marker on the ground, similar to what you see at the end of expeditions. Dig on this location to find the buried treasure. The images below will show you where to find the treasure on the map and what it looks like.

cryptic quatrains treasure location europa
The player marker on the map will show you where to find the buried treasure in europa
europa treasure
The green marker on the ground can be found near a large crane in the upper corner of the map.
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