Where Is Xur This Week Feb 9th 2024

If you’re a Destiny 2 player, you’re probably familiar with the mysterious vendor known as Xur. This enigmatic figure appears each weekend in random locations to offer Guardians a selection of powerful Exotic gear. This week, Xur has made his way to Destiny’s European Dead Zone and has brought along a fantastic arsenal of Exotics. Let’s dive into what Xur is currently selling on February 9th, 2024.

Location: Winding Cove, European Dead Zone

First things first, let’s find out where Xur has set up shop this week. Xur can be found in the scenic Winding Cove area of the European Dead Zone (EDZ). As always, he’s tucked away in a secluded spot, so make sure to keep an eye out for his distinctive black and tentacle-like appearance.

Featured Exotics

1. Queenbreaker – Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle

The Queenbreaker is a truly unique piece of weaponry. Combining the best aspects of a linear fusion rifle and a trace rifle, this Exotic offers devastating precision and unwavering power. Its powerful bolts of arc energy have a staggering range and pinpoint accuracy, making it a must-have for any Guardian looking to decimate their foes from afar.

2. Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon

A fan-favorite returning from the original Destiny, the Hawkmoon is a legendary hand cannon that has been brought back as an Exotic. Its distinctive feather ornamentation and impressive firepower make it a true work of art. Each bullet fired from the Hawkmoon carries the potential for a deadly random bullet, allowing skilled users to unleash unparalleled devastation.

3. Six Coyote – Exotic Chest Armor

The Six Coyote is an Exotic chest armor piece that is perfect for nimble Hunters. It grants an additional Dodge charge, allowing Hunters to swiftly evade danger or close the distance on their enemies. This armor piece pairs exceptionally well with Arcstrider or Gunslinger subclasses, enhancing their agility and survivability on the battlefield.

4. MK44 Stand Asides – Exotic Leg Armor

Titans, rejoice! Xur has brought the MK44 Stand Asides, a pair of Exotic leg armor specifically designed for the brute strength of Titans. These mighty boots provide an additional overshield when sprinting with Seismic Strike, letting Titans charge headfirst into battle with unparalleled resilience. Combine them with a Striker subclass for devastating close-quarters combat.

5. Contraverse Hold – Exotic Gauntlets

Lastly, we have the Contraverse Hold, a pair of Exotic gauntlets for Warlocks that excel in the arcane arts. These gauntlets grant improved damage resistance while charging Void grenades and refund grenade energy for hits with charged grenades. Whether you favor Axion Bolts, Scatter Grenade, or Vortex Grenade, these gauntlets will greatly enhance your destructive abilities.


With Xur’s weekly arrival, Guardians have the opportunity to upgrade their arsenal with some of the game’s most sought-after Exotics. This week, the Queenbreaker, Hawkmoon, Six Coyote, MK44 Stand Asides, and Contraverse Hold are up for grabs, so make sure to pay Xur a visit in the Winding Cove. Acquiring these powerful Exotics will undoubtedly bolster your combat capabilities and bring you one step closer to becoming a legend in the world of Destiny 2.

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